Tennessee Titans nearing historic losing streak after Week 1

Tennessee Titans v New Orleans Saints
Tennessee Titans v New Orleans Saints / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans have now lost eight consecutive games dating back to the 2022 season, and that is now tied for the second-longest losing streak since the franchise moved from Houston to Tennessee.

While the Titans are only 0-1 for the 2023 season, it is fair if fans start to spiral a little bit after another close, disappointing loss. After falling to the New Orleans Saints 16-15, there is plenty of blame to go around.

Regardless of whether he was trying to give DeAndre Hopkins a chance at some 50-50 balls, or trying to get a deep DPI call on the Chris Moore throw, Ryan Tannehill cannot play like that. Period.

In the second half, Tim Kelly did a much better job setting the team up for success, but time and time again his decisions to call plays out of empty hurt the team. For half a decade the Tennessee Titans have thrived when using play action, and using empty looks means that you are taking that weapon away.

Mike Vrabel also isn't blameless. While Nick Foles made all of his kicks, Mike Vrabel making the decision to kick field goals from 31, 29, and 27 yards out is ridiculous. You have to have some small level of aggression in a game where your defense is playing so well.

The defense and special teams (aside from a blocked punt) were highlights of the game, but when you lose eight games in a row, you don't get to have moral victories.

What does this mean for the Tennessee Titans?

You are what your record says you are and over the last eight games, the Tennessee Titans haven't been good enough. Despite a lot of talk about getting more out of the passing game and an offense that featured tempo to keep the defense off balance, it was another disappointing game with bad results that everyone is hoping gets better.

There is still plenty of time to get it all figured out, but this first stretch of the season is brutal for the Tennessee Titans. Over the next five games, the Titans will take on AFC teams which means more talent and more important results. After that, they will have a bye week to evaluate where they are and what they want to be this season, and they need to show that they are playoff contenders.

If not, that is about the same point in the season that the Titans decided to pull the plug on Marcus Mariota years ago. While I have been a strong Ryan Tannehill supporter, this was by far his worst game as a Tennessee Titan (including the playoffs). If he can't rebound and if the Titans are sitting at 0-6 or 1-5, it might be time to look at what Will Levis can do.