Are the Tennessee Titans benching Andre Dillard for Nicholas Petit-Frere?

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
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For the Tennessee Titans, there really haven't been many questions about who is starting on the offensive line over the last three years. That isn't because they have been good on the offensive line, it is because they have been banged up, and usually two of their eight offensive linemen would be hurt by the time the game rolled around.

Now for the first time in a long time, the Tennessee Titans have options on the offensive line. With Nicholas Petit-Frere back early from his suspension and Peter Skoronski seemingly ready to play this week, the offensive line is guaranteed to look different this week.

The question on everyone's mind is what exactly are the Tennessee Titans going to do.

Despite some fans clamoring for Skoronski to try his hand at left tackle, it is hard to imagine Mike Vrabel moving him from guard to tackle. That means that if he is healthy enough to play on Sunday, he will displace Dillon Radunz at the left guard spot.

The people who watch the football games know that Dillon Radunz has been really solid as a spot starter for the third year in a row. Unfortunately, a low PFF grade means that people who don't watch football are quick to jump in and say that Radunz isn't good at football, but you should ignore those people.

Still, there is no doubt that Skoronski's future is at left guard and he looked great in Week 1, so it is his spot.

On paper, there should be four starters locked into their spots on Sunday: Skoronski, Aaron Brewer, Daniel Brunskill, and Chris Hubbard. Those four have consistently been anywhere from good to average.

Even after a good week by Andre Dillard's standards, the left tackle position needs to be addressed. Maybe Dillard will get another start this week, but he should be on a very short leash. His competition or the left tackle spot should be Dillon Radunz and Nicholas Petit-Frere, and it looks like the Tennessee Titans are already taking steps in this direction.

Is there a new starting left tackle for the Tennessee Titans?

In the two practices this week, Nicholas Petit-Frere has taken some snaps at left tackle next to Peter Skoronski. Since we know that Skoronski is the left guard, people have started to jump to the conclusion that a switch might happen this week.

While a switch could definitely happen, let's pump the brakes a little bit. Mike Vrabel has historically been very slow to pull the trigger on benching an uninjured veteran. There have been some painfully long stretches where bad offensive linemen have started over potential upgrades.

We have seen guys like David Quessenberry, Dennis Daley, and Aaron Brewer (the guard version), all get run over for double-digit games before a change was even openly considered.

While it seems like the Titans might make a change, Paul Kuharsky provided some context for what is really going on with the offensive line.

It seems like even though NPF might be getting some snaps at left tackle, the first reps are going to the presumed starters.

We will see what happens, but the most Mike Vrabel thing to do would be to give everyone a look at a change that could be made, only to end up giving everyone the exact same thing again. Remember that the bye week is only 10 days away, so that is the most realistic window for any potential lineup changes that don't involve injuries.