Insiders predict Tennessee Titans will pick Anthony Richardson in 2023 NFL Draft

Georgia v Florida
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Based on two NFL insiders with strong track records of predicting picks, it looks like the Tennessee Titans could have their next franchise quarterback in 36 hours.

For 51 weeks out of the year, you can take mock drafts with a grain of salt, but this is the one week where everyone takes it seriously. These are the mock drafts that they will be asked about for the next year and the more picks that they hit, the more credibility they have.

Charles Davis and Benjamin Allbright are two insiders who have earned the right to have their mock drafts taken seriously.

Davis played for the University of Tennessee before transitioning into the media, and you have probably seen him breaking down the draft for NFL Network. You may also know his name as part of the tandem that does the play-by-play for the Tennessee Titans preseason games.

Over the last five years, he has gotten several of the Tennessee Titans' first-round picks correct in his final mock drafts which is incredible when you consider how hard it is to match up teams and prospects in the mid to late-20s like where the Titans were drafting.

Benjamin Allbright has been an NFL insider for a decade or so now, and he works in the Denver area covering the Broncos. However, he has contacts around the league and he only does a single mock draft each year. That mock draft takes into account everything he has been hearing from people around the NFL, and it is usually one of the most accurate mocks that you can find.

So, Charles Davis a guy with local ties to Tennessee and a national media market, predicted that the Tennessee Titans would take Florida QB Anthony Richardson with the 11th pick. Benjamin Allbright, a guy who has connections across the country and whose mock drafts are usually accurate, also has the Tennessee Titans selecting Florida QB Anthony Richardson with the 11th pick.

That is more than smoke.

How should Tennessee Titans fans feel about Anthony Richardson

Anthony Richardson has more upside than any other quarterback in the class, but I would argue that he also has one of the highest floors. At the absolute worst, you are going to get the most athletic quarterback to ever set foot on an NFL field.

If you have an OC that can't figure out how to use him, fire the OC and find a better one.

Will he be perfect? No, he only started one season for Florida and it took him a month to throw his first touchdown pass. He also isn't very accurate and he is going to miss a lot of layups that make you want to pull your hair out.

However, what he gives you as a runner with the ability to attack vertically is similar to what Cam Newton did during his run as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Is he worth trading future first-round picks for? No, he is someone that you have to surround with talent because you can't expect him to methodically drive down the field and score touchdowns at the NFL level. He needs explosive playmakers so that when he starts out a drive by missing his first two passes, he can make everyone forget that by hitting guys like Chig Okonkwo or Treylon Burks 20+ yards down the field.

This pick makes sense for a number of reasons, and it was one of the players that I thought the Tennessee Titans would be most interested in. In fact, he was one of the five players that I felt were most likely to be drafted by the Titans.

If the Tennessee Titans have to move up to get Richardson, it will hurt the grade of the pick significantly but if they can stay at 11 and end up with him then this would be a home run in Ran Carthon's first draft class.