5 prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft with the best chance to be Tennessee Titans

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3. Anthony Richardson QB, Florida

This is one that Titans fans have become familiar with at this point, and most fans can recite his pros and cons off of the top of their head. For those that aren't familiar, Richardson is (on paper) the best athlete to ever come out of college at the quarterback position and he flashed dominant traits in games against SEC competition.

When you stack those pros against Bryce Young's pros, you might be confused as to why the presumptive first-overall pick is the one who is 5'10 and less than 200 lb. The reason is that Richardson only started one season for Florida and he has some inconsistencies that are going to take time and patience to work through for an NFL coaching staff. When you are drafting a quarterback that early, the one thing that a coaching staff doesn't have a lot of and that is job security/time.

Aside from attending his Pro Day, the Tennessee Titans have also had Richardson in for a top-30 visit as well as a follow-up virtual visit. That is a lot of time devoted to a guy that Ran Carthon should already have the inside scoop on based on his connections with his alma mater.

Richardson is an easy prospect to fall in love with, especially if you are the Titans who have historically been less worried about what a quarterback can do with his arms and more interested in what he can do with his legs.