Final Tennessee Titans 53-man roster projection

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Defensive Line (4): Jeffery Simmons, Teair Tart, Jayden Peevy, Naquan Jones

Jeffery Simmons and Teair Tart are poised for a dominant season between the tackles. Throughout training camp and joint practices, these two have been wreaking havoc and making life a nightmare for any offensive lineman unfortunate enough to be tasked with blocking them one-on-one.

Behind them, Jayden Peevy has gotten rave reviews from Terrell Williams, and he looks poised to anchor the defense when Tart needs a break.

After that, it was a struggle because what the Titans are looking for in a DT4 should be someone who can come in and give Jeffery Simmons a breather. With Tart backed up by Peevy and (spoiler alert) Denico Autry and Arden Key flexible enough to play some sub-package DT, it just comes down to how well can you handle Big Jeff's assignments.

I picked Naquan Jones even though he hasn't played a snap in the preseason simply because he has experience working with the rest of this defense and working in this system. This position is still up for grabs by anyone wanting to make a push, but so far no one has really stood out to me here.