Dillon Radunz is progressing quickly for the Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers
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If the Tennessee Titans are really trying to take a step into the 21st century on offense, then Dillon Radunz should be their starting right tackle when he is healthy.

After being shuffled around from tackle to guard to tackle in his rookie season, Dillon Radunz was actually a really solid backup for the Tennessee Titans in 2022.

Last year he played both tackle and guard in the preseason and the regular season, and he was very effective. During the season, he saw nearly 150 snaps in pass protection, and he allowed 0 sacks and only 5 hurries. That means he only allowed pressure on 3.3% of his snaps in pass protection, which is a clear improvement over guys like Nicholas Petit-Frere (6.9%), Aaron Brewer (6.4%), and most importantly Chris Hubbard.

The last time Hubbard was asked to start multiple games was in 2020, and to be fair he has a similar success rate to Radunz. However, in spot duty over the past two seasons, he has fallen short of those standards.

Is Dillon Radunz a Pro Bowler? No, but he is a perfect fit for the type of offensive lineman this offense is built around. Radunz is an elite athlete (below) and he is better at pass protection than he is at run blocking.

Dillon Radunz is getting team snaps for the Tennessee Titans

When it was announced that Radunz was coming off of the PUP list, Mike Vrabel bragged about how quickly he had recovered and how hard he had worked to get back to where he was now.

However, he also tempered expectations about a quick return by saying that Radunz was going through the individual period with the offensive line, but that he wasn't taking snaps against the defense yet.

That has changed according to Mike Vrabel's most recent press conference, and that means that the final hurdle for Radunz to clear is just proving that he is in football shape and can play for an entire game.

While Vrabel said that Radunz would spend time at guard and tackle, Paul Kuharsky posted a video that showed Radunz practicing as the right tackle during the individual period of practice (below).

Chris Hubbard is going to start at right tackle in Week 1 for the Tennessee Titans, but he is going to have to earn that spot every week. Radunz is going to push him for that job and the Tennessee Titans are already comfortable enough with where Radunz is to cut backup offensive tackle Justin Murray.

I have seen enough promise from Radunz to believe that he deserves a real chance to win that starting right tackle job, and after the Titans made the wrong decision (at both tackle positions) last year, maybe it is better late than never.