Did Texans trading for Stefon Diggs one-up the Titans signing Calvin Ridley?

The Texans just HAD to one-up the Titans, didn't they?
Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills
Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans made a splash in free agency earlier this offseason by signing Calvin Ridley to a massive four-year deal. Well, the Houston Texans said "Hold my beer" and swung big for the fences, trading for Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

Not only did the Texans land Diggs, who is coming off his sixth-straight 1,000 yard season but they got him for an absolute steal. The Texans only had to send Buffalo a second-round pick for NEXT year's draft while acquiring Diggs and two additional draft picks. Talk about a steal.

Texans stole Titans thunder in WR additions

The Titans added Ridley this offseason, who had 1,016 yards but they had to pay him $92 million over a four-year span to get him. The Texans, meanwhile, only had to send one draft pick to Buffalo to land Diggs, who just had 1,183 yards and eight touchdowns this past year.

These teams are also in two completely different spots, though. The Titans are in a rebuilding year, as they're entering year 1 of the Brian Callahan era and hoping that Will Levis can show enough in his second year quarterbacking the Titans. The Texans, meanwhile, are coming off a shockingly successful season in 2023 where they won the AFC South and a playoff game.

Diggs probably was fine with going to Houston because of C.J. Stroud's successful rookie season and how hot the Texans are this offseason. Titans fans hate seeing teams from their division make smart moves like this but maybe the Texans will meltdown like the Jaguars did this past season.

We can only hope.