Updated Tennessee Titans cap space after signing Calvin Ridley

How much cap space do the Titans have after making a huge signing?

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The Tennessee Titans made quite a splash when they swooped in and signed Calvin Ridley to a four-year deal worth $92 million with $50 million in guaranteed money. Ridley is a good player, having come off of a 1,000+ receiving yard season with Jacksonville in 2023 but he's 29 years old and will turn 30 in December.

The Titans entered the offseason with approximately $72.5 million, putting them in the top five when it came to cap space. Moves have been made since, including the large contract given to Ridley. What is the Titans' cap situation like now?

Titans cap space after Calvin Ridley signing

As of this writing, Over the Cap says that the Titans have $54,897,010 in cap space so there's still plenty of cash for the front office to operate with. They currently have the fourth-most cap space in the league with only the Commanders, Patriots, and Bears ahead of them.

Ridley is slated to be the fifth-highest-cap hit on the Titans roster, set to be a $10 million cap hit for the team this year. Harold Landry ($23.8 million), Jeffery Simmons ($21.6 million), DeAndre Hopkins ($18.3 million), and Andre Dillard ($10.6 million) are the four players with bigger cap hits.

As mentioned, the Titans still have plenty of money to work with and they also hold a top-10 draft pick. They'll need to add help to their offensive line, which could be what they're planning to do with the seventh overall pick.

Over the Cap projects the Titans to have $85.7 million in cap space in 2025, $162.3 million in 2026, and $258.4 million in 2027. Keep in mind that the salary cap is expected to keep climbing as contracts continue to get more expensive.