Amy Adams Strunk has destroyed the Tennessee Titans identity by firing Mike Vrabel

Seattle Seahawks v Tennessee Titans
Seattle Seahawks v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans now must navigate into the unknown without their longtime head coach, Mike Vrabel, after his firing on Tuesday morning.

Although on the surface this move makes sense, I have some serious questions about the timing and validity of his firing.

While Vrabel and the Tennessee Titans have severely struggled over the past two seasons, with a combined 13-21 record, a lot of that can be attributed to a lack of talent. Former GM Jon Robinson traded away A.J. Brown over a 2 million dollar contract dispute and whiffed on three consecutive first-round picks (Isaiah Wilson, Caleb Farley, Treylon Burks).

To say that this is entirely Vrabel’s fault is incorrect — everyone has seen the infamous video of him being LIVID in the war room just after the A.J. brown trade — there was clearly a serious rift between the coaching staff and management during J-Rob’s tenure, so who knows how much of a say Vrabel even had in those last few drafts.

Mistakes like these would potentially set any franchise back by years, so of course the Tennessee Titans showed some regression. Not to mention, the core of their team that got them to those playoff berths in the first place (Tannehill, Henry, Byard, etc.) was aging past their respective primes.

Sure Vrabel had some downfalls, most importantly his tendency to promote from within the team rather than seeking outside coaches to fill coordinator spots, but that is something I as a Tennessee Titans fan could live with for the time being.

The stability that Vrabel brings was invaluable to this franchise and certainly would've proved beneficial during the transition to life beyond Derrick Henry.

Mike Vrabel was synonymous with the Tennessee Titans. He was their brand. He was their identity. He was their culture. All of that is gone now.

Amy Adams and Ran Carthon will likely clean house in the coming days, which means Will Levis will have to relearn the playbook from ground zero going into year two. Continuity is critical in a young quarterback’s development; even if you don’t necessarily believe that Tim Kelly’s offensive scheme was best for the Tennessee Titans, at least it would’ve given Levis a better shot at progressing into a more instinctive player.

But what frustrates me the most by far about this entire ordeal is Amy Adams Strunk continually hiding from the media.

Amy Adams Strunk made a huge decision without the support of our general manager when she decided to fire Mike Vrabel. Ran Carthon said in a press conference following the move that he and Vrabel shared the same philosophy, were in “lockstep” throughout the season, and that he was not involved in the decision to fire Vrabel. So why is Adams even sending him out there to answer questions?

What Amy Adams doesn’t understand is that if you want to be Jerry Jones, fine. Be Jerry Jones. But you have to face the press if you want to be Jerry Jones.

This ownership is cowardly. They just fired the best coach in Tennessee Titans history (not Jeff Fisher), and now you have to explain to the fans and the reporters why you did that. A five-minute video where Mike Keith throws you softballs is simply not going to cut it.

On top of all that, Adams couldn’t wait three weeks to get a potential first or second-round draft pick in a trade for Vrabel. That would be a huge haul, especially for a Titans team that is clearly in need of talent.

Regardless of all of that, this Titans roster has some young pieces, a lot of cap room, and a good draft pick to work with; I seriously believe a good head coach can turn this team around. But that coach should be Mike Vrabel.