5 teams the Titans have the best record against in the NFL

Can we play these teams more often?
Detroit Lions v Tennessee Titans
Detroit Lions v Tennessee Titans / Frederick Breedon/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans have been dominant against certain teams in the NFL. Since we looked at the teams who had the Titans' number the other day, let's shift gears to the teams who the Titans have had the most success against, according to StatMuse.

T4. Washington Commanders

  • Record: 8-6
  • Winning Percentage: .571

The Titans own a winning percentage of .571 against the Commanders franchise and sit with an 8-6 record against them. Tennessee has won the last two match-ups to give them the head-to-head advantage and put their record against Washington into this category. Before that, the Titans were 6-6 against the Commanders franchise. They last squared off in 2022 and won the game 21-17.

T4. Green Bay Packers

Record: 8-6
Winning Percentage: .571

The Titans own the same record and winning percentage against the Packers. This is impressive considering the Packers are one of the all-time franchises in the NFL but the Titans have been able to have success against them. The last meeting between the two teams was in 2022 with the Titans winning it 27-17.

3. Denver Broncos

  • Record: 24-16-1
  • Winning Percentage: .598

We'll shift gears now to the AFC where the Titans own a winning percentage of .598 over the Broncos. They've won 24 games against them over the years, including two straight victories. The last time the Titans lost to the Broncos was a 16-0 shutout in 2019, which went on to flip the script for Tennessee. Ryan Tannehill took over at quarterback and the Titans reached the AFC Championship Game that year.

2. Buffalo Bills

  • Record: 29-18
  • Winning Percentage: .617

The Titans own a .617 winning percentage against the Bills and are 11 games over .500 against Buffalo. The Titans/Oilers have put together win streaks of five games (ranging from 1961 to 1963), 10 games (ranging from 1967 to 1978), and five games (ranging from 2003 to 2012). Simply put, they've owned the Bills. Buffalo should be able to claw back a little bit considering Josh Allen is one of the best quarterbacks in the league but right now, the Titans own a commanding lead over their AFC opponent.

1. Detroit Lions

  • Record: 10-3
  • Winning Percentage: .769

The team that the Titans have had the most success against is the Lions, who they own a .769 winning percentage against. Tennessee is currently riding a six-game win streak against Detroit with the most recent win coming in 2020 when the Titans won 26-25. The Lions have not beaten the Titans since 1995 but they will have a chance to end that streak in 2024 when the two teams meet up in Week 8.