5 free agents that the Tennessee Titans have a strong interest in signing

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The Tennessee Titans came out of the gates swinging to start free agency, but over the last 24 hours, the rest of the NFL has continued to make moves while Ran Carthon sits back and evaluates the market.

While the Titans haven't signed anyone important since Monday night, that doesn't mean that Carthon has been sitting on his hands this whole time. Several players have been linked to the Tennessee Titans as potential signings, but the process is taking some time.

News and rumors are flying around right now, and now Pro Days are starting to pick up as well, so it can be hard to keep track of all of the potential signings.

For Tennessee Titans fans who want to worry about free agency first and the 2024 NFL Draft later, here are the 5 most interesting free agents that the team is openly interested in at this point.

(One thing to note about these free agents is that every one of them is on the defensive side of the ball)

1. Arik Armstead, DL

Armstead is a fascinating fit for the Tennessee Titans, and he is someone who should be at the top of their list right now.

While he has missed time over the last two seasons, his versatility makes him fascinating for someone like Dennard Wilson who loves to get aggressive and send pressure from different areas. I listed Armstead as a DL, but really he can play anywhere along the defensive line and he can play it at a high level.

Denico Autry moved around a lot for the Titans and it made him very effective, and that is something that Armstead could do too except he is four years younger than Autry.

Signing him would allow the Titans to pick and choose when they want to use Arden Key, and it would give them another monster in the middle (he is 6'7) to make life harder on opposing quarterbacks.

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