4 Tennessee Titans starters could be back for the AFC South opener in Week 5

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans
New York Giants v Tennessee Titans / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans had one of their best offensive performances since 2020 on Sunday in their win over the Cincinnati Bengals. What makes this team scary though is that if everything goes well this week, nearly half of the offense could be upgraded by Sunday.

Four players to keep an eye on this week are Kyle Philips, Nicholas Petit-Frere, Peter Skoronski, and Treylon Burks.

On Monday, not only did the Tennessee Titans move Kyle Philips from I.R. to the designated-to-return list. That means that they will have 21 days to evaluate him before deciding whether he needs to go on I.R. full term or if they want to activate him to the main roster.

While it was never considered to be a season-long injury for Philips, the fact that the Tennessee Titans announced that they released WR Mason Kinsey in the same article where they announced that Philips was being moved to the 21-day window, is a pretty strong indication that they are expecting to have him available this weekend.

After a revision in the NFL's suspension policy, Nicholas Petit-Frere is now eligible to return to the lineup this week instead of waiting until Week 7. That is a big deal for the Tennessee Titans who were down to backups at left guard and right tackle.

Even if NPF isn't ready to start his week (or if the Titans want to continue to let Chris Hubbard fill in at right tackle), having someone available that you could replace Hubbard or Andre Dillard with in case it is time to bench one, is a valuable thing to have.

Treylon Burks and Peter Skoronski would be huge additions for the Tennessee Titans

The two most important names on this list are Treylon Burks and Peter Skoronski.

While the Tennessee Titans offense looked great against the Cincinnati Bengals last week, Treylon Burks still owns the longest play from scrimmage this year after catching a 70-yard pass from Ryan Tannehill in Week 2.

Burks is a big play threat, and while the Tennessee Titans might need to start thinking about him as someone who can get chunk plays instead of someone who needs to be targetted 10 times a game, it doesn't change the fact that he is a big play waiting to happen.

After a strong start to the season, Peter Skoronski has missed the last three games of the season due to an appendectomy. That was a stroke of bad luck, but he was back in the building working last week and there is a chance that he could start practicing again this week.

If everything works out well, this means that the Tennessee Titans could have their best and most consistent offensive lineman back for their divisional matchup on Sunday.