4 Tennessee Titans to keep an eye on this week

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings
Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans have a real football game in less than 150 hours, and every Tennessee Titans fan is painfully aware of how important it is to keep an eye on the injury report.

Typically, the first practice of the week isn't a great indicator of what a player might be able to do on Sunday, but the important thing is the progress. Does a guy start out as a DNP (did not practice)? If so, then if he can get to limited practice by Thursday, he has a chance to play.

Is a guy limited to start the week? He should have a chance to play as long as he doesn't regress, but he could solidify any concerns if he can get to full practice by Thursday.

Looking back over who was limited or who missed practice last week, here are the names for Tennessee Titans fans to keep an eye on throughout the week.

Will the Tennessee Titans get more good injury news?

Treylon Burks, WR

The turnaround from Burks getting carted off of the field in Minnesota to being on the practice field two weeks later is remarkable.

Burks looked completely natural in the clips that were available and he has gone from doubtful in Week 1 to likely. Getting Burks on the field in Week 1 would be huge for this offense and fans should be very optimistic, but keep an eye on his name as the week goes on to see just how active we can expect him to be.

Arden Key, EDGE

The most concerning injury on this list, Key was a surprise addition to the injury report last week. After missing all of the practices last week with a calf injury, there has been no news on the severity of that injury or how long he might be limited.

Injuries like calves and hamstrings aren't things that always go away easily for explosive athletes, so now there are two questions or Key. First, when will he be back at practice, and second, how long will this linger?

Chig Okonkwo, TE

Okonkwo missed practice last week with a hip contusion, but all signs are that he is going to be on the field this week. I would be surprised if he was anything less than limited, but if he is a DNP or if he is limited for multiple days in a row, it could change the Tennessee Titans' plans for him on Sunday.

Jayden Peevy, DT

Peevy was another late addition to the injury report, and this could be a case of him just getting a day of rest. Peevy did play nearly 60 snaps in the preseason and he figures to fill an important role as Teair Tart's backup on the interior of the defensive line.

While the hype has died down a little on Peevy, I still think this coaching staff expects some significant contributions from him throughout the season so his health is important.