3 Reasons why the Tennessee Titans can shock the world in 2023

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2. The Tennessee Titans have young difference-makers

The only problem with Tennessee taking Peter Skoronski in the first round is that they need three other offensive linemen just like him and they don't have that. But you have to start somewhere and Skoronski's talent and versatility could help the Titans in several ways.

Let's assume the best-case scenario happens and he manages to play left tackle despite his arm length. That would be a huge upgrade to the left side and it would help both Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill create big plays.

If Skoronski starts at guard, that is still going to help Henry and Tannehill. Everyone knows that the worst thing for a quarterback is a muddy pocket and defensive linemen preventing the quarterback from stepping up to get away from the rush.

Henry gets cleaner lanes to run through in the middle of the line which means more cutback lanes will be available from overpursuing linebackers. Late in 2022, Henry was forced to churn out yards on his own, which he can do at a high level but he shouldn't have to do that. While Tennessee needs more guys like Skoronski, having one Skoronski improves the overall unit a good deal.

Running back Tyjae Spears should form a great one-two punch with Henry. Spears' has next-level explosiveness and if he can find a hole (maybe one created by Skoronski) he can take it to the house against any team. Ideally, the Titans even find ways to have Henry and Spears on the field at the same time just to give defenses more to think about.

My guess is that Will Levis plays some at the end of the season, whether that is in different packages created for him or in case Tannehill gets injured again. Levis has the young legs to create the kind of explosive plays that Tannehill shouldn't have to provide consistently. Levis needs to learn to not turn the ball over, but no one can question his ability to attack vertically after stressing defenses with his mobility.