3 opponents we'd love to see the Titans play in primetime

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

While we don't know when the Tennessee Titans will play their games during the 2024 season, we know who they'll be playing. The Titans' schedule this year will consist of games against the AFC East, NFC North, the AFC South (obviously), and then the last-place teams from the AFC North, AFC West, and NFC East.

The Titans aren't guaranteed to have any primetime games in 2024 but if they get a shot to play under the lights, here are the match-ups we'd like to see scheduled for a standalone game.

vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The Titans and Bengals have played each other a lot over the past two years and the match-ups have been close (except for this past season's, which the Titans won handily). The two squared off in the playoffs in 2022 with the Bengals shocking Tennessee on their home turf but as mentioned previously, the Titans had the last laugh this past season, destroying the Bengals at home.

The Bengals should get plenty of primetime games but it could be fun to see these two teams going up against each other. The Titans won the last go-round but the Bengals are due for a bounce back season in 2024 so this will be a tough game for Tennessee whether it's in primetime or not.

at Los Angeles Chargers

The Titans and Chargers will play each other in 2024 since both teams finished at the bottom of their respective divisions in 2023. Both teams are entering 2024 with new head coaches with Brian Callahan taking over for the Titans and Jim Harbaugh now leading the Chargers.

In the past five match-ups between the Titans and Chargers, it's been a back-and-forth battle with Tennessee winning two of those five games. The last time the two met up, Tennessee won in overtime by three points and the other four games have all been close. This could be a fun game to include in primetime because both teams are hoping to bounce back with new head coaches.

vs. Any AFC South Rival

The AFC South used to be considered one of the weaker divisions but last year, three of the four teams in the division finished with winning records. While it's not guaranteed to be a competitive division again in 2024, three of the four teams in the division have quarterbacks who were drafted in 2023 (the Titans with Will Levis, the Texans with C.J. Stroud, and the Colts with Anthony Richardson) so it could be interesting seeing Levis square off with either of them.

The Jaguars would also be an interesting opponent since they were the NFL darlings a year ago but faltered and missed the postseason altogether. They're still an intriguing team and could make for a fun match-up for the Titans in primetime.