Predicting every national TV game for Titans this season

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

With the Tennessee Titans finishing at the bottom of the AFC South and underwhelming throughout the 2023 season, it wouldn't shock anyone if they didn't receive a primetime game this year. It's no longer required for every team to be featured on Thursday Night Football so some of last year's underperforming teams might not make the primetime cut.

That being said, the Titans have some juice this year. Will Levis is entering the second year of his career and he has an offensive-minded coach in Brian Callahan leading the way. They have some scary threats offensively even with the departure of Derrick Henry, which could make them a sneaky-fun team to watch in 2024.

Unfortunately, the NFL might not agree with that sentiment. While the league could decide not to give Tennessee any primetime games, who could they be pitted against if they were given one game under the lights?

Titans primetime games for 2024

Truthfully, the Titans' best shot at a primetime game in 2024 is against one of their division rivals. Maybe the NFL decides to pit Levis against 2023 first-round picks C.J. Stroud or Anthony Richardson. The Texans will probably have their fair share of primetime games this year so the Colts and Titans would make more sense here, especially on a Thursday night.

None of the other games really stand out as games that the NFL might be interested in putting in primetime but it's worth noting that the Titans have given the Bengals everything they've had in their past few match-ups. That could be a game worth putting on a Thursday or even a Monday night.

Hopefully we get to see Tennessee play in at least one primetime game this year but with the rule of not every team getting to play a standalone game, it's not a guarantee that we see them in primetime.