2 free agents the Tennessee Titans should sign after final cuts

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Yesterday the Tennessee Titans and the other 31 NFL teams cut nearly half of their rosters to submit their "final" 53-man rosters.

More than 1,000 players were cut and the majority of those players will either sign on to a practice squad or they will have to wait for another opportunity to make a team next season.

However, about 5% of those players have a chance to be claimed or signed by the end of the week. Some teams will sign their own players back after they move a player to I.R. and some teams will try to add more depth to their roster at key spots.

After scouring the names of the recent cuts, there are a few players that stand out as players who could be valuable depth adds for the Tennessee Titans. I narrowed that list down to one player on offense and one player on defense that would fill immediate needs.

Two free agents the Tennessee Titans should add before Week 1

Jamison Crowder, Slot receiver

Crowder has played in 10+ games every year since he was drafted aside from last season and 2018. In each of those seasons, he ended up with 400+ yards and he did that as a receiver who spent over 75% of his snaps in the slot.

With Kyle Philips injured, the Tennessee Titans might just need a Band-Aid to play in the slot for a week or two and Crowder is a veteran that could easily do that. Once Philips is back, Crowder could be the backup slot for the rest of the season and it would help protect the Titans in case Philips gets hurt again.

Christian Covington, Defensive tackle

Lately, Christian Covington hasn't been what he was to start his career, and maybe he just doesn't have it anymore. However, he had his best seasons when he was in Houston with Mike Vrabel and Shane Bowen.

The Tennessee Titans depth at defensive tackle isn't great and NaQuan Jones made it on the 53-man roster almost by default. Adding Covington doesn't mean that the Titans would have to cut Jones because they could easily decide to cut an offensive lineman or a linebacker instead (two positions where they have a lot of bodies right now).

Given how much this team likes to add players who have had experience with Vrabel in the past, it will be interesting to see if the head coach sees Covington as a worthwhile reclamation project.