Who did the Tennessee Titans draft in mocks that matter?

Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports /

Mock drafts are fun exercises that allow you to predict what could happen in certain scenarios, but Tennessee Titans fans know as well as anyone that a lot of people don’t have a clue what all 32 teams need.

For months Titans fans have had to see off-ball linebackers mocked to them by writers who clearly didn’t do any research on the Titans other than “Hey Rashaan Evans and Jayon Brown both left in free agency so this is a good place to put that linebacker I like.”

However, with hours left until the 2022 NFL Draft, this is when some mock drafts start to shed light on what connected writers are hearing. Since these are the ones that will be remembered, it is always best to save your real picks until right before the draft.

Personally, there are four people whose mocks I watch closely. Matt Miller and Charles Davis do a very good job figuring out what positions the Tennessee Titans are looking at and figuring out who they like.

Benjamin Allbright seemingly has connections across the league and his mock draft is one of the most accurate every year. Another person who gets things right on a national level is Josh Norris who uses insight, inside information, historic trends, and good old fashion common sense to make his mock drafts.

Who did they have the Tennessee Titans select?

Benjamin Allbright: Zion Johnson iOL, Boston College

This one makes a lot of sense for several reasons, but Mike Vrabel made a point to talk about drafting guys that they like to be around and who they enjoy coaching. Allbright brings up the fact that Johnson was Tyler Vrabel’s roommate in college and the general consensus is that he has been fantastic in interviews. My Grade: A-

Charles Davis: Zion Johnson iOL, Boston College

Charles Davis covered his bases by saying nearly every position, but his choice was ultimately Johnson who is going to earn a good grade based on the information above. My Grade: A-

Matt Miller: Zion Johnson iOL, Boston College

This is a great trend for the Titans and if they can’t get one of the top receivers in this draft then this is the only pick that I think is worthy of an “A” grade of any kind. You can get guards and centers later, but getting a guard who looks like a Pro Bowler instead of forcing a mediocre player onto the team because they play a more expensive position is a good move. My Grade: A-

Josh Norris: Kenyon Green iOL, Texas A&M

Kenyon Green is fine, I tweeted earlier this week how he is the perfect “C” grade player for the Titans to pick. He doesn’t have upside athletically, but he will get better once a team figures out where to put him permanently and he isn’t bouncing around every week. He should be a better pro than he was in college (and he was a good college player) but he will probably never be a Pro Bowl-caliber player and he won’t be the BPA no matter how the board falls. My grade: C