5 Tennessee Titans who could hit statistical milestones this season

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5. Derrick Henry gets 1,000 yards in 9 games

Let’s end with where this season started, and that is on the shoulders of Derrick Henry.

Right now there is a lot of optimism floating around that Henry will be back in Week 18 to play against the Houston Texans to knock some rust off before the playoffs. If that happens, Henry will be walking into the stadium with 937 yards and 10 touchdowns on the season.

There are a few different milestones he could hit in this game. Obviously, the main one will be hitting 1,000 yards on the season, which means he will need 63 yards on what you would imagine would be limited touches.

Another sneaky milestone he could hit would be to break his career-best for receiving yards in a season. Right now Henry has 154 receiving yards and his career-best is (somehow) 206 receiving yards.

Tennessee Titans fans know how much Todd Downing loves screen plays and if he could get Henry into the open field when all eyes are on run, then one long play is all it would take to break that record.