Tennessee Titans announce team captains: Pep talks for each one

Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool)
Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool) /

Each passing day makes things seem much more real than the day before. This past Sunday was the first in September. It also assured us that there won’t be another Sunday in 2021 that won’t give us some games to watch. The Tennessee Titans enter the 2021-2022 regular season looking to defend their AFC South crown, and that means we’re assured of certain things.

We’ll see weekly press conferences with Mike Vrabel. We’ll see the first 18-week, 17-game regular season schedule in Titans history. There’s also going to be a lot of action on Twitter as well as weekly Titans injury reports.

It’s a lot to keep up with, but no one’s complaining. If you’ll remember, it was this time last year that we were worried about whether or not completing an NFL season was possible. Things appear to be returning to normal, and on Wednesday, we saw the announcements that not only were the Titans adding two starters back to the active roster but that they had also named their team captains for the regular season.

Let’s say it again just in case it didn’t sink in the last time. The NFL is back!

Here’s a quick pep talk for each Tennessee Titans team captain.

In some ways, the Titans are under some intense pressure. They’re coming off of two straight postseason appearances and a division title. They’ll be expected by many to wear the AFC South’s crown again. Here are the guys that will, hopefully, make lead them to that goal.

Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry, Kevin Byard, Jeffery Simmons, and Brett Kern will all wear the letter C on their jerseys. Before they fire their team up on Sunday for Week 1, here’s a pep talk for each of them.

Ryan Tannehill, QB1:

We’ve come a long way from that guy that we questioned in Miami. Whether they ever give Ryan Tannehill credit for this or not, he’s now one of the AFC’s best signal-callers. This was the perfect situation for him, and he’s fully capable of leading this team to the Super Bowl.

Derrick Henry, Mr. 2,000:

You keep doing what you’re doing big fella! This team will run through a wall for you because, well, let’s be honest. You’ve been running through walls for them for the past five seasons. Now, go make history big man!

Kevin Byard, the last line of defense:

If they ever start handing out awards for the ‘most underappreciated (fill in the blank)’ or for guys that every team wishes they could clone, Kevin Byard’s name will be at the top of the list.

light. Trending. Reasonable expectations for Derrick Henry

Jeffery Simmons, the terror in the trenches:

The Tennessee Titans have a lot of questions to answer after 2020 and a lot to prove. What’s that? Jeffery Simmons is still on the team? Scratch everything that you just read there. This team is going to be just fine in the trenches.

Brett Kern (this dude needs a really cool nickname:

With a 45.9 yards-per-punt average since his arrival in Tennessee, Brett Kern will be a weapon for the Titans special teams unit in 2021.