Tennessee Titans fullback is one of Randy Moss’s favorites

Ahmard Hall Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean)
Ahmard Hall Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean) /

It is easy to forget, but the Tennessee Titans have actually had at least one Hall of Fame receiver on the roster before Julio Jones. Here is your semiannual reminder that Randy Moss had a brief stint in Nashville.

The Titans’ passing game never really got anything going with Moss even though he went on to have a decent rebound season with the San Francisco 49ers before hanging it up for good.

Despite his time with the Tennessee Titans being so short, it seems like he appreciated his teammates including one of the most random shout-outs I can remember.

He actually gave credit to fullback Ahmard Hall who was a fan-favorite in Tennessee during his six-year stretch recently via his Twitter account stating the following:

“Titans I’ve got 1 for u……Ahmad Hall ring a bell? cj2k…..surely I’m talking bout my favorite players I enjoyed watching or playing with”!

Now, if you noticed anything wrong with that tweet, you are one of the few. Despite being one a fan-favorite, nearly no one seems to remember that his name is Ahmard Hall, not Ahmad Hall.

Moving past that perfect example of the Mandela Effect, fans were excited to see Hall getting love like this.

His impact on the Tennessee Titans

Over his first four years, the Tennessee Titans ranked top-10 in rushing yards every year and were top-five in three of those four seasons.

The Titans were nearly as efficient scoring touchdowns on the ground as well with top-ten performances every year, and they finished top-five in two of those four years.

Even though it is hard to quantify the impact a fullback can have on a running game outside of team rushing success, it was clear that his work as a tone-setter on the offense made a difference and the team definitely fed off of his success during a time where there really wasn’t much to be proud of in Tennessee.

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Guys like Hall, Nate Washington, Michael Roos, David Stewart, Karl Klug, Craig Stevens, etc. are all players that really did a lot of the dirty work on teams that could have been better if they had better coaching or a better GM.

Instead of forgetting about them as pieces of teams that Titans fans don’t really enjoy talking about these days since the current roster is packed with stars, hopefully, diehard fans remember those players and give them the credit they deserve.

Although it wouldn’t hurt if a few of them got shout-outs from Hall of Famers like Hall did this weekend.