Tennessee Titans legend gives their GM a well-deserved nod

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans,(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans,(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

One thing you’ve probably noticed as a Tennessee Titans fan and as a Houston Oilers fan before that is this (if you are old enough or were paying attention). This organization has had its fair share of tailbacks. You can begin with the game’s best running back currently Derrick Henry or you can simply have a discussion about Oilers legends Earl Campbell or the great Eddie George.

Here’s someone else you may remember CJ2K, aka Chris Johnson. For ten brilliant seasons, he ran his way around, through, and past defenders en route to 9,651 rushing yards, 7,965 of those came in a Titans jersey.

Like Henry, Johnson is a member of the 2,000-yard rushing club. Fans have often wondered what it would have been like to have CJ2K and the Henry in the same backfield at the same time. Who knew that Chris was asking himself the same question?

CJ2K is a fan of the Tennessee Titans’ current general manager.

Johnson hung out with TMZ recently, lamenting that Derrick Henry was going to ball out in 2021 among other things. On the subject of the Titans’ general manager and executive vice president, Jon Robinson, he had this to say.

"I wish I could’ve played there when we had that GM. They doing what they got to do to win games. There’s no way you can put eight, nine in the box on Henry. You got Julio on the outside. You got A.J. on the other side, so you can’t stack the box or anything like that… It’s crazy!"

Johnson’s career was something to see. He appeared in 96 games with 94 starts. He didn’t bowl guys over like George or Campbell, but if you didn’t get two hands on him, you were going to be looking at the back of his jersey as he pulled away from you.

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These days, if you want him to join Derrick Henry in the backfield, you’re going to have to add both to your Madden Ultimate Team roster, but in the meantime, you’ll want to catch some YouTube clips when you have time. His playing days may be over, but Titans fans still adore him. It’s cool to see that he’s been making a point to keep up with what his former team has been doing.