Tennessee Titans star AJ Brown will keep 11 jersey despite Julio’s arrival

A.J. Brown #11, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
A.J. Brown #11, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The news broke on Sunday. Julio Jones is officially a member of the Tennessee Titans! You can stop pinching yourself. It’s actually happened.

Jones arrived in style on Monday, June 7th, setting off a media storm in the process. We already knew that throwing a party in Nashville isn’t something that one of this great country’s great cities has ever struggled with, but now, that party has found its way onto all of the popular social media platforms.

The only question at that point (or one of them) was this. What number will Julio Jones be wearing?

Tennessee Titans star A.J. Brown will keep the 11 jersey.

Since entering the league (and setting it ablaze) in 2011 as the sixth-overall selection in that year’s NFL Draft, Jones has worn the number 11. It doesn’t take the world’s greatest journalist or four years at an institution of higher learning to know that Tennessee’s A.J. Brown rocks the same set of digits on his jersey.

The two talked. They made up their mind, and yep, you read the line above correctly. A.J.’s staying in that familiar number 11 ensemble. Jones will wear the number 2 jersey. Brown, whose social media accounts are all of a sudden some of the most fun to follow these days, let the world know what was up a day after Julio Jones’ arrival at Saint Thomas Sports Park, stating the following on his Twitter account:

“#11 until I retire. I tried to give it up and he wouldn’t take it. Respect…”

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These two, before they even step onto anyone’s playing surface, have to be seen as the best wide receiver duo in the NFL. It’s great to see that they’re getting along and finding some chemistry off of the field as well.

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what number these guys wear anyway though. Opposing defenders probably won’t be paying much attention to what their numbers are as they’ll be more concerned with getting beaten and seeing the names on the backs of their jerseys (or Derrick Henry’s gloves as he stiff-arms one of them into the second row.

Yep, this is going to be an amazing offense. This is definitely going to be fun. September can’t get here fast enough.