Tennessee Titans news: Best tweets as Julio Jones arrives in Nashville

Julio Jones, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)
Julio Jones, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) /

In some cities, NFL fan bases treat their football teams the same way you would see in small college towns with historically relevant programs. It’s like they live and die with their sports franchises. That’s how it is in Green Bay. The same can be said in markets like Kansas City and Pittsburgh. The Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons get some love in their hometowns too, but whether fair or unfair, at times, their fan bases have been accused of lacking the same level of passion as some of those other cities.

Now, if you’re a resident of the A.T.L or Nashville, you know that isn’t true. There are just so many other things that can distract someone if those teams are underperforming. Seriously, have you been to Nashville or Atlanta?

Recently, however, their NFL franchises have been all anyone wants to talk about as news broke that Julio Jones, one of the game’s best receivers, wanted a change of scenery and the Titans were the favorites to acquire his services. Suddenly, Tennessee and Atlanta were two of the centers of the football universe.

On March 6th, the Titans pulled off the coup of the offseason, landing Julio for a second and fourth-round draft choice, giving themselves the NFL’s best starting wide receiver duo in the process, and Nashville’s been partying ever since, something they know how to do pretty well. Titans Twitter has been buzzing ever since.

Here are some of the best Tennessee Titans and Julio Jones tweets on the web.

It’s still hard to believe if you think about it. Julio Jones is a Titan, but if you’re afraid you’ll pinch yourself accidentally and wake up, fear not. This isn’t a dream. It’s reality, and most importantly, Tennessee didn’t mortgage the future to acquire him. Check this one out.

We mentioned the Titans and their fans were buzzing right? You’ve got to check these out. Throw these in the category of laugh-out-loud moments. Make sure you show A.J. Brown some love via social media as well. He’s been patting himself on his recruiting pitch as he should be.

The love he and Derrick Henry showed are a big reason Julio is trading in his red and black jersey for one of the two-tone blue variety. Jones wanted to be somewhere he’d win and feel wanted, and the Titans showed him that they wanted him more than anyone else.

That same Sunday, Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard welcomed Julio to the family. On Monday, June 7th, just one day after Christmas came almost seven months early for the citizens of Nashville, a plane carrying some very precious cargo arrived in Tennessee.

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Yep, this is going to be tons of fun. As mentioned earlier, no one throws a party like the city of Nashville. Let’s hope that, sometime in the near future, they’ll be planning a parade sometime around February as well. As you might imagine, there are a lot of ‘Titan Up’ hashtags being dropped on social media these days.