Tennessee Titans draft wasn’t too bad according to stat experts

Tennessee Titans Darrynton Evans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean)
Tennessee Titans Darrynton Evans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean) /

Jon Robinson has been the epitome of a roster builder in his time as the GM of the Tennessee Titans.

Whether he is acquiring players in the draft, in free agency, via a trade, or picking them up off of the waiver wire, Robinson has been incredible. In just a short time he has turned the franchise around despite dealing with constant change.

For example, in just five seasons he has had to deal with two Head Coaches, three Offensive Coordinators, three Defensive Coordinators, and two quarterbacks.

Despite that, the Tennessee Titans have had winning seasons (not .500 seasons or almost winning seasons, but winning seasons) every single year under Robinson.

Perspective on the Tennessee Titans 2020 NFL Draft class

That is why the disappointing 2020 NFL Draft class is unfortunate, but just a blip on the radar. There is still hope for Darrynton Evans and Kristian Fulton (though where Fulton lines up this year is up for debate), but fans aren’t holding their breath.

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So it is some small consolation that even though the Titans had one of the biggest busts in recent history, they still didn’t come out of the draft with the absolute worst draft class. According to PFF, that title belongs to the Green Bay Packers.

While the Titans did end up tied for 30th with the Houston Texans, at least they didn’t put together a draft class that alienated their star quarterback without adding any real talent that improved their roster.

In fact, one major redeeming quality of the Titans’ 2020 NFL Draft class was that the 4th round pick in that draft was the highest draft pick involved in the trade for Ryan Tannehill.

If Tennessee ultimately turns those 2020 NFL Draft picks into a solid cornerback (Fulton), a dynamic RB2/return specialist (Evans), and a franchise QB (Tannehill), then I think most fans would quickly change their opinions on that haul.

However for now fans should just be happy that another franchise messed up their draft class much worse than the Titans and anything other than that is just icing on the cake.