Tennessee Titans rumors: Arguments for and against trading for Julio Jones

Julio Jones Tennessee Titans A.J. Brown (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Julio Jones Tennessee Titans A.J. Brown (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /
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Tennessee Titans
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History says the Tennessee Titans may roll the dice.

The question is whether or not the Titans would do this since they haven’t restructured a single contract this offseason. There are two things that support the idea that they would. One stems from the draft and one stems from the last offseason.

First, in his post-draft press conference, Jon Robinson was asked if the Titans could create some cap space to make another move at the wide receiver or tight end position. You can find the full answer here on the team’s official Youtube channel, but again just to paraphrase, Robinson said that they are looking to find which players might be viable for those restructures.

That is really interesting because, until that exact quote, Robinson had said in several interviews that he wasn’t in favor of the idea of restructuring contracts due to the belief that teams end up paying guys later and causing future problems by doing that. Ironically, that is exactly what is happening to the Atlanta Falcons right now. It’s also and a big reason why Julio Jones is even available in the first place.

The other piece of information to take in is that the Tennessee Titans actually did a post-draft restructure last season with Kevin Byard. So despite being opposed to the idea of restructures in general, it seems like Robinson isn’t so set against them that he won’t use them where it may be clearly beneficial to the team.

So, will cap space get in the way of the Titans making a big move? The answer is no. History has shown that the Titans will restructure contracts and Jon Robinson is the type of GM who will take swings on players that he believes in.

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Look at what he spent on players with injury concerns that he rated highly or who fit the team culture like Jeffery Simmons, Ryan Tannehill, Harold Landry, Bud Dupree, Corey Davis, DeMarco Murray, Caleb Farley, the list goes on.

If Robinson believes that you can make the Titans roster better then he isn’t afraid to go out and get you. More often than not, when he goes out on a limb to take a player with a concern like that, they end up working out very well for the team.