Titans restructure contract with Kevin Byard: How will they use extra cap?

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Titans make a new deal with Kevin Byard.

The Tennessee Titans have restructured their contract with Kevin Byard, thus freeing up $6.1 million in cap space.

NFL Network reported this morning that the Tennessee Titans restructured their contract with Kevin Byard. Just a year ago, the Titans signed Byard to an extension worth $70.5 million dollars. Byard is still going to be making roughly the same amount of money, although, a portion of it was converted to a bonus rather than salary.

This is an incredible move by Jon Robinson because he keeps the Tennessee Titans star safety, Kevin Byard, happy and actually gets him his money sooner. At the same time, he clears up $6.1 million dollars in cap space for the Tennessee Titans. What is he going to do with that extra cap space? It is completely unclear.

Last night, Stephen Gostowski missed field goals from 47, 44, and 42 yards. He also missed an extra point to give him a total of four misses during the game. Fans seemed pretty sure that if the 10 points he left on the board cost the Titans the game that he wouldn’t last another week with the team. However, Gostowski found some success with time winding down in the 4th quarter to put the Titans upon the Broncos 16-14. That saved Gostowski from what would have been a lot of harsh feelings from fans (not that he isn’t still getting that).

The reality is that the Titans aren’t going to get another kicker. There aren’t any kickers available right now that are going to be any more capable than Stephen Gostowski is. It is easy to forget that he is coming off of hip surgery and didn’t have any preseason games to get back in the swing of things.

Postgame, Gostowski relived the nightmare and praised his teammates for having his back the whole way.

“I just got here, and I come out here and play like that,” Gostkowski said. “For the guys to still support me and still have my back was pretty cool. And that’s the cool thing about team sports: You win and lose as a team. Obviously, a position like mine, everybody sees it when you screw up. That’s why I was grateful for the opportunity at the end — ’cause the guys deserve to win.”

via Turron Davenport, ESPN

So, what could the Titans possibly be looking to do with this extra cap space? They now sit around $9 million dollars.

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