Tennessee Titans HC Mike Vrabel still believes in Rashad Weaver

Rashad Weaver #17 (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Rashad Weaver #17 (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

By now, we’ve probably grown enough to realize that things don’t always happen on our timetable or work themselves out as quickly as we’d like them to. We live in a microwave society where we can get news for free or pull up television shows on-demand, so patience is harder to exercise now more than ever. It’s no different if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan.

After winning the AFC South with an 11-5 record, the Titans’ postseason run was done after a single home game. Fans have been waiting for an opportunity to remove that stain from their souls and their minds ever since, but you guessed it, that will have to wait.

Again, Tennessee Titans fans are no exception to this rule.

It’s difficult to temper the excitement and expectations of a new NFL season though. Tennessee’s fans are still talking about the most recent draft and what might occur in the Titans’ first-ever 17-game schedule. Two of the new guys are major talking points.

Rookie cornerback Caleb Farley wasn’t able to participate in any on-field activity, but he’s staying positive. Then, there’s Rashad Weaver and his legal issues. No one knows how that will turn out, but his coach (Mike Vrabel) and the organization he plays for are staying positive.

Recently, after the second day of rookie minicamp to be exact, Coach Vrabel was asked his opinion on the matter among other things. Here’s some of what he had to say.

"I think we’re all held to a high standard… Everything I’ve seen from Rashad here in person, he’s been one that’s been attentive and wants to try to be a good teammate and has taken coaching… We understand the severity of the accusations. We take them very seriously, but we’re also going to allow the legal process to play its part."

Coach continued by stating the following when asked about Tennessee’s process of evaluating its players. thought of when included in that statement. At least he was serviceable for about six years.

"Having talked to [general manager] Jon [Robinson] and having met with Jon as much as I have, his scouts and our coaches, we stand by the process of evaluating players. There’s always going to be things that come up, and we’ll do our best to do everything we can to avoid those and then work through them when they happen."

Here are a few final thoughts if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan.

If you’re wondering if this is overblown, here’s what you have to keep in mind. This is a team that isn’t far removed from everything that went down with perhaps the biggest disappointment in franchise history, Isaiah Wilson.

Yes, guys like Albert Haynesworth were included in the thought process in making that statement, but hey. At least the Tennessee Titans got some juice out of the latter.

What’s that word again? Oh yeah! Patience! This one isn’t quite over, but as a fan or a member of the media, you have to understand that every team has been through things like this and will experience similar issues in the future.

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This Rashad Weaver situation won’t work out as quickly as some of us would like, but still, even with that being said, you have to trust the people who are around these guys daily. They know their players better than the people that talk or write about them. They have a better gauge of what’s going on and how it should be handled.

To put things simply, Coach Vrabel and Jon Robinson aren’t losing any sleep over this, so Tennessee Titans fans shouldn’t lose any either.