Tennessee Titans rookie Caleb Farley is missing reps but remains positive

Caleb Farley #3, Virginia Tech Hokies (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Caleb Farley #3, Virginia Tech Hokies (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

Two days came and went at Tennessee Titans rookie minicamp, and rookie cornerback Caleb Farley was in the building but a no-show in terms of being on the field with his teammates and participating in drills. That’s okay as that was expected. He’s continuing the process of healing from back surgery.

There was no reason to expect any changes on day three. It was more of the same. The new guys were out on the field. Farley wasn’t one of them, nor was he expected to be.

Please don’t panic if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan.

The first notion by fans and members of the media is normally to express concern when guys they want to see out on the practice field aren’t there. It’s mentioned on Twitter. It’s one of the first questions asked during post-practice press conferences but fear not. Farley’s been working off-field with the Titans Director of Sports Medicine, Todd Toriscelli.

Thankfully he’s also been keeping a positive outlook and a good attitude. That’s all that any Titans fan can ask for.

The Tennessee Titans rookie sits with the media.

The Titans’ second session of rookie minicamp was a busy one as Tennessee continued to work the new guys as well as four additional prospects that they invited to team workouts on a tryout basis.

Mr. Farley, following a busy day, spoke with the media. Among the topics of discussion were what a typical day looks like for a first-round selection who hasn’t been able to participate in the grind to the level that he would like but has been able to, again, maintain a positive outlook until he is.

Here’s some of what the 22nd-overall selection had to say on the subject.

"The days are just like waking up and having meetings, studying the playbook, going over things with the coach, and eating. We eat meals with all the players and guys. Then (we’re) just rehabbing. Todd (Toriscelli) and the staff (have) a great plan in place for me, and just following that every day and working hard at it… (I’m) just rehabbing my butt off, trying to get in the best shape I can possibly get in and getting ready to get right and get back out there."

Here’s a little more to chew on if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan.

The reasons for excitement are obvious. Farley was seen by quite a few NFL scouts as the best cornerback in the most recent NFL Draft after a 23-game run at Virginia Tech with the Hokies.

He sat out of the 2020 ACC season due to COVID-19 concerns, and the Hokies missed him greatly. During his time there, however, he snagged six interceptions and racked up 56 total tackles, a sack believe it or not, 19 pass breakups, and a defensive touchdown in 2019.

There’s always some concern when a collegiate prospect is taken highly but has an extensive injury history before playing a down of NFL football. Farley is worth the risk though.

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Expect Tennessee to continue to be careful and patient with him. They have a lot riding on him and rightfully so. This is one of those times where there’s a chance that fans and the media, years from now, might be talking about how lucky the Tennessee Titans were to get this guy at 22.