Tennessee Titans free agent target Jadeveon Clowney to decide soon

The Tennessee Titans should get their answer on Jadeveon Clowney soon.

Jadeveon Clowney is going to decide soon where he will play football in 2020…seriously…for real this time.

This is the most credible report/rumor that has been out there in a long time because it comes from someone that I think has proven to be as connected as any of the big names. That would be someone that Titans fans know well: Benjamin Allbright.

Around this time last year, Tennessee Titans fans were furious at Benjamin Allbright for suggesting that the Titans were considering starting Ryan Tannehill over Marcus Mariota.

Regardless of what the timeline was or the semantics, the point is that he was ultimately right and his reasoning was right as well. Throw in that he has been right about dozens of other big rumors over the last few years, and you can see why people listen when he talks.

Today he went on the Draft Insiders podcast and towards the end of the episode, he dropped a few hints about some big-name EDGEs. Yannick Ngakoue has been a popular topic, but it was what he said about Jadeveon Clowney that really perked my ears up.

“Keep an eye on the Clowney and Ngakoue situations, those should be resolved in the next couple of days…Clowney is trying to get something done to where he can get out there and get ready and get going.”

We found out recently from Peter King’s interview on 104.5 in Nashville, that Clowney’s asking price is going to be $15 million.

Those two pieces of information from reliable sources mean that someone should be getting to sign Clowney to a deal in the very near future. To me, that sounds like a deal done over the weekend, and at that price, Clowney would be paid like the 17th best EDGE in football.

I think that is pretty close to reasonable and at this point, we are getting near the true do or die scenarios. It isn’t like Jon Robinson to blink, so if the Tennessee Titans are able to get a deal done it is because they have been willing to pay Clowney for a while, and now that he is ready to go, he will make a move.

This is a move that is better than it looks on paper because of what it can do for players like Harold Landry who have thrived with help on the other side. So, I hope to see it get done because this should actually be the best fit for Clowney and the best fit for the Titans.