Former Titans and Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher teasing new podcast

One of the most influential figures in Titans history is starting a podcast.

Jeff Fisher was a head coach in the NFL for 22 years and he split his time between the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans (17 years) and the St. Louis/L.A. Rams (5 years).

While people are quick to remember the “7-9” stuff, let me remind you of some other things he did during his tenure:

-Coached the best offensive lineman of all time (Bruce Matthews).

-Helped draft an NFL MVP (Steve McNair).

-Got the Titans to a Super Bowl.

-Helped draft future Hall of Fame DT Aaron Donald when nearly everyone thought they should draft a safety (go back and check the mock drafts).

Well, the long time head coach’s latest endeavor seems to be a new podcast based on this tweet:

You can listen to his episode of Bussin with the Boys to hear just how captivating he can be. In fact, if he didn’t have a flight to catch, I think this would have turned into a two-part episode and it still wouldn’t have even started to cover all that he saw in Tennessee.

What is one thing to listen for?

One of the things that I think Fisher undeservedly gets raked over the coals for is his love for the run game. In a league where QB is king, it makes sense that you should heavily invest in the run game, but that isn’t the only way to win.

Looking back on it, it is clear that Fisher cultivated an identity of winning in the trenches and running the football, not dissimilar from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens of the time. Or a more modern version might be the San Francisco 49ers and the Tennessee Titans, who have both invested heavily in the trenches and have been rewarded for it.

I would love to hear any decisions that he almost made that would have changed the franchise for better or worse, as well as interviews or conversations about former players and coaches who are still in the NFL.

Fisher is very engaging and if he is teasing a new podcast, then you should subscribe as soon as you can to make sure you don’t miss an episode of Fisher talking without the restraint of “coach speak” keeping him from letting loose.