Titans running out of time on Derrick Henry long-term deal

Titans need to make a decision on Derrick Henry.

Things change, but as it stands right now the Tennessee Titans have no long term deal in place with running back Derrick Henry.

I am sure you know that the Titans elected to use the franchise tag on the running back during the offseason and both sides expected to spend the offseason working on a deal that made everyone feel comfortable.

Well, that was back when people expected football meetings to be held at football facilities and not online. Time away makes it hard to judge how in shape and how healthy a player is, and it also makes it more difficult to get a deal done with an agent.

While a wrench was thrown in the gears for the Titans and Henry, the clock hasn’t stopped in the NFL and every day we get closer to the deadline for franchise-tagged players to make long-term deals with their teams.

Henry should be the first off that list

Above, there is a list of players mentioned that have signed their tag and intend to play with the team this season, but I am not sure that I see a player more deserving or more likely to re-sign than Henry.

How many players have the same clear impact on a football game and change the way teams have to defend you. I mean, this is the guy who basically destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars only glimmer of hope in the last decade. 

The Titans have the money to do something and I think the only thing they are waiting for is a decision from Jadeveon Clowney on where he wants to go. Once that is tied up they will know exactly how much they have to spend whether Tennessee signs him or not.

Training camps should start earlier this season which means that this deadline should be pretty close to the start of those dates and hopefully, it means that the Titans will be able to head into the preseason with a complete understanding of their roster.

With 10 of 11 starters coming back on offense, Henry should feel pretty comfortable but you want to make sure that whoever wins your right tackle battle is the guy who Derrick Henry works best with. The only way to do that is to have your RB in camp.

Time will tell whether or not the Titans get a deal done, but hopefully, the money is right and Henry ends up as one of the highest-paid RBs in the NFL, while the Titans end up with the flexibility to move on in case 90% of the football fans are right when they say that you should never pay a running back.