Bleacher Report predicts Titans rookie will “pave the way” for Derrick Henry

What do Bleacher Report’s rookie projections say about Tennessee Titans 1st round pick Isaiah Wilson?

Instead of draft grades, let’s focus on what Bleacher Report said about Tennessee Titans rookie Isaiah Wilson and his fit in the Titans offense.

BR just came out with their 1st round rookie projections, and they projected Wilson to start as many games as Tristan Wirfs who the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted 15 picks earlier.

While the expectation is that he will likely be given the starting job sooner rather than later, they did a great job describing what Wilson’s impact on the offense will be.

When describing where Wilson fits best they said:

He projects best as a right tackle with that size and the play strength to help in the run game. Wilson does a great job of moving bodies at the line of scrimmage and sealing off defenders, creating some easy rushing lanes. Balance is an issue, and he could work on improving his hand usage, but his size negated some of those concerns in pass protection.

The Titans are expecting Wilson to be the replacement for Conklin on the right side, which will be a tough task as a rookie. Still, with a terrific running back like Derrick Henry behind him, Wilson should pave the way for his back and find a full-time starting role in Tennessee.

It is fair to say that Wilson has a more imposing figure than Jack Conklin did given that Wilson is taller and about 40 lb. heavier than Conklin was coming into the NFL. However, BR is right in saying that it won’t be an easy task to replace Conklin whose floor was an above-average starter when healthy.

Wilson has some clear issues that need to be addressed before anyone should be comfortable with the idea of starting him in an NFL game.

It is likely that the Tennessee Titans won’t really get a great chance to work with him before the start of the season and that is why I think they were right to project him as a 14-week starter instead of a 16-week starter.

Still, for all his technical issues it is going to be hard for the Titans coaching staff to keep one of the most physically imposing humans in the NFL on the bench when they need him to get some real experience.

They don’t want a green OT if they have to use him in a pinch against the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs, so if he is even close to as effective as Dennis Kelly then I think they will let him start.