Adam Schefter’s brilliant adjustment for the 2020 NFL Draft

A stroke of brilliance from Adam Schefter on a potential change to the 2020 NFL Draft.

We are less than a month away from the 2020 NFL Draft…or at least we think we are.

As of right now the 2020 NFL Draft is scheduled for April 23rd and will stretch the normal Thursday through Saturday that it always does, though the venue and format have changed.

Right now the plan seems to be to have it centralized somewhere away from crowds and I would guess teams would do something similar to what they always do, meaning that they will call in and remotely have someone give the card to the commissioner.

So that is that right? Aside from maybe moving it back to accommodate teams that want to do more research into players that they couldn’t normally do due to the virus, there won’t be any other changes.

Well, not so fast because Adam Schefter had a great idea that uniquely fits for the time we are living in now.

Normally, the draft takes place on Thursday though Saturday because that is the best way to get the most eyes on the product that fits around everyone’s schedules. Between work on the weekdays and plans on Saturday night, the draft has always seemed to be just the right length to not be too much of an inconvenience to anyone’s schedule.

However, this year is unlike anything we have ever seen before. So, what if there was a way to give teams more time to clean up their boards and to pay attention to the details of the draft, without changing the schedule?

Well, Schefter proposed this idea:

At the end he talks about making each round of the draft it’s own day. Now normally this wouldn’t make any sense because you would be trying to broadcast NBA/NHL games in prime time and you would also have to consider the work week as a factor.

However, with many locations in quarantine though at least the early parts of April, it seems like we are far away from “business as usual” which means that you don’t have to factor in the work week that much.

I think this is a great plan. It would make the draft more enjoyable for the fans and it would give everyone something sports related to watch for the first time in months, and it would give GMs time after every round to sit down and focus their attention on certain players without the mass of trades that happen every year on Day 3.

Sign me up for this and let it run from April 26th-May 2nd, win-win for everyone.

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