Yahoo’s Frank Schwab correctly says Ryan Tannehill is better than Tom Brady

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Why connecting Tom Brady to the Tennessee Titans only makes sense if you have a time machine.

People say the name Tom Brady with reverence and they absolutely should, but those same people need to go back and watch what Brady looked like after the bye week last year.

Including the playoffs, Brady played 8 games after his bye week and this is what happened:

-4-4 record

-loss to Ryan Tannehill and the Tennessee Titans

-55.3% completion percentage, 5.9 YPA, 10 TDs, 4 INTs

That isn’t necessarily bad, but it is average at best.

Just to compare, this is what Ryan Tannehill did over his last 8 games despite playing a much more difficult schedule and having a banged up Derrick Henry for a good chunk of that time:

-5-3 record

-Made it to the AFC Championship game

-65.6% completion percentage, 8.8 YPA, 17 TDs, 3 INTs

Just like Frank Schwab said in his article this morning about where Tom Brady should end up, “any reasonable metric” will tell you that. Check out the full quote here:

"This will sound weird but it’s true: Ryan Tannehill was better than Brady last season. Go ahead and check any reasonable metric on that. Tannehill had a remarkable season. He is 11 years younger than Brady. Betting on Tannehill having a sustainable career revival because he finally escaped Adam Gase seems safer than figuring Brady turns around a decline at age 43. Doesn’t it strike anyone as significant that the Patriots, the best-run organization in the NFL, don’t seem to want Brady back? Oh, but we get another coach who might be unable to escape the siren’s song of “The Patriot Way.” Mike Vrabel was Brady’s teammate in New England."

The amount of people so willing to ignore recent history to chase a big name who is older and would likely force the Titans to get away from what worked last year, is just so hard for me to understand.

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I’ll end on another good point Schwab makes, Tom Brady isn’t shunning advances from the New England Patriots. All signs point to the Patriots ignoring meetings with Tom Brady or his agent and looking forward, or put simply they don’t want him back.

Maybe that is too harsh, but how else do you explain the fact that one of the greatest minds to ever coach in the NFL seems completely nonchalant about the potential of losing his quarterback for the last two decades?

Something doesn’t smell right here and the only way the Titans see this as an upgrade is if they let friendship and name value blind them which is not what we should expect from GM Jon Robinson.