Tennessee Titans starting lineman dealing with concussion, could lead to Corey Levin signing

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 31: Offensive guard Corey Levin
KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 31: Offensive guard Corey Levin /

Could an injury lead the Tennessee Titans back to Corey Levin?

The Tennessee Titans made one of the dumbest decisions of the year when Corey Levin was released in place of literally any other guard on the roster.

Due to an unfortunate series of injuries they may have a chance to rectify that mistake soon.

On Sunday we saw Ben Jones and Rodger Saffold deal with injuries in the game, once again thrusting Titans backup offensive linemen onto the field.

While Ben Jones came back quickly, Saffold was out for the game. While concerning, it turns out that it shouldn’t be a long term issue but that it is serious and he is in the concussion protocol.

The Titans are now in need of someone who can snap and play guard (if Jamil Douglas plays left guard which is my nightmare and probably what will happen).

Kevin Pamphile is on the roster, though the Titans might as well cut him for all of the attention they have given him after he got injured.

The free agency pool isn’t exactly overflowing with talented interior linemen, but luckily the Titans no a guy on the Denver Broncos practice squad: Corey Levin.

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Not only does Levin offer the position versatility to play guard and center, but he is much more athletic than any other iOL that is currently on the roster. While he may not have the power of a Nate Davis, he makes up for that with quick twitch and the ability to handle contact on the move.

All in all, it makes too much sense if the Broncos aren’t going to use him and it would make this line better immediately.

Before the season started I talked about how Corey Levin should have been the starter at right guard or center anyway and I stand by that. His film showed that he was a real player in the NFL and the fact that he hasn’t made an active roster just means that the rest of the league isn’t paying attention.

Maybe he has some chemistry with Ryan Tannehill from their time on the 2nd string in the preseason or maybe that is just the name at the top of their list. Either way, I would be excited to see Tennessee add Levin back into the fold as soon as possible.