Albert Breer suggests Tennessee Titans should trade for Philip Rivers

Should the Tennessee Titans consider a trade for the Hall of Famer?

There have been rumors floating around for what feels like half a decade suggesting that a team like the Tennessee Titans could be able to acquire Philip Rivers from the Chargers.

The price tag has changed year in and year out, but QB needy teams (particularly those in the South where he was raised) were always thrown around.

Now, whether he was being “targeted” in a trade like people said Jay Cutler was for a decade is up for debate, but Rivers has always felt like one of the quarterbacks who could have been had for the right price after some of the Chargers lack luster seasons.

Recently this question popped up again when Albert Breer suggested that the Titans should consider trading for the L.A. Chargers QB:

“Just something I want to put on you guys’ radar…if Philip Rivers is somehow available…his contract is up, if you are the Titans and you can bring Philip Rivers there and he pledges to play three years for you, would you give up two 1st round picks for him.”

I know that doesn’t all add up, so let me give a little bit more context.

The assumption is that Rivers would never be allowed to just walk. So if the L.A. Chargers thought that he wasn’t part of their future plans and that they wanted to draft a rookie QB to go along with some other young, key elements of their team, they would franchise him.

Once he was given the franchise tag, the asking price would be two 1st round picks based on the going rate of QBs around the NFL, and that trade would be contingent on Rivers signing a 3-year deal that overwrites the franchise tag.

That seems like a massive price tag, but the best way to think about it is to look at what the trade actually would be.

Would you be willing to pay Rivers $30 million or more per year AND give up two cheap players (specifically Rashaan Evans and Jeffery Simmons) to upgrade at QB?

I truly don’t know the answer because it is hard to imagine anyone succeeding in the offense we saw last week, but as the season goes on that will be something to think about for Titans fans.