Tennessee Titans important injury news and updates on the offensive line

Tennessee Titans (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images)
Tennessee Titans (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) /

Who is out and who is questionable to start on the Tennessee Titans offensive line vs the Atlanta Falcons.

With the final injury reports before the game coming out today, Tennessee Titans should have a pretty good idea of who will be playing on Sunday vs the Atlanta Falcons.

The good news is that Kevin Pamphile returned to practice today which means that he should get a chance to compete for the right guard spot if they need help there.

Bad news, he has been declared out this week so he won’t be any immediate help for the Titans.

So then it seems like we can assume the offensive line now right? Right?


Alright, I want to consider the source here before we get too crazy. Mike Vrabel wouldn’t even tell the media who was on the roster if he didn’t have to, so maybe he doesn’t want to tip his hand on who will start on the offensive line.

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However, if he is being honest and the Titans might not actually start Nate Davis then there needs to be a serious discussion.

If the question is, which player on the roster is going to start at right guard if it is not Nate Davis, then the only acceptable answer is Aaron Stinnie.

Stinnie isn’t my first or second choice to take that position over, but he did come in on Thursday and looked alright in limited action. The coaching staff have loved him since last year and it makes sense that they might want to look at their guy.

What is completely unacceptable, is if the Titans started Jamil Douglas again this week.

At that point, they might as well just put Ryan Tannehill in. Not at QB, at right guard.

I’m going to say that common sense will prevail and that Douglas won’t start. In fact, I would assume that Davis starts until I see otherwise based off of comments for much of the week. Still, this is a scary time for Titans fans as we try to figure out if Mike Vrabel is playing the game or if he isn’t the coach we thought he was.