Tennessee Titans: ‘Music City Miracle’ in top 5 of ‘NFL 100 Greatest Plays’

Tennessee Titans. Mandatory Credit: Tom Pidgeon /Allsport
Tennessee Titans. Mandatory Credit: Tom Pidgeon /Allsport /

The iconic “Music City Miracle” play by the 1999 Tennessee Titans has cracked the top five of the “NFL 100 Greatest Plays” list.

Rightfully so, the incredible “Music City Miracle” play that was pulled off by the Tennessee Titans during the 1999-00 playoffs has made the top five of the “NFL 100 Greatest Plays” list.

The greatest play in Titans history, which comes in at No. 4 on the list, happened in the AFC Wild-Card game against the Buffalo Bills on January 8th, 2000. With the Titans trailing 16-15 and having just 16 seconds left on the clock, Buffalo kicked off to Tennessee.

After the ball ended up in tight end Frank Wycheck’s hands, he threw a lateral pass to wide receiver Kevin Dyson, who took it 75 yards to the house in what was one of the most improbable endings to a game in NFL history.

By the way, that was NOT a forward pass. Just saying.

Aside from the play itself, my favorite part of that highlight is the look of absolute disbelief on the face of quarterback Steve McNair, who went from the lowest low to the highest high in about 16 seconds.


The three plays ahead of the “Music City Miracle” on the list were David Tyree’s helmet catch in Super Bowl  XLII (No. 3), Joe Montana’s TD pass to Dwight Clark or “The Catch” (No. 2), and the “Immaculate Reception” (No. 1).

In all, five plays involving the Titans/Oilers made the list (click the hyperlinked text to re-live the glory or disappointment of each play).

4. “Music City Miracle”

11. “One yard short”

39. Earl Campbell puts head into defender’s chest

89. Derrick Henry’s 99-yard TD run (more info on this play here)

98. Billy Sims karate kicks Steve Brown

Current Titans cornerback, Malcolm Butler, made the list for his game-saving interception in Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks (No. 5).

One of the plays that we feel should have been somewhere on this list was Marcus Mariota’s self pass for a touchdown in the 2017-18 Wild-Card game against the Kansas City Chiefs.