Should Tennessee Titans WR Corey Davis play vs Philadelphia Eagles

Tennessee Titans HC Mike Vrabel has an interesting decision to make.

The Tennessee Titans are now facing the timeless question of how much preseason actually matters.

While some people argue that there should only be two preseason games and that it is a joke to play four and blah, blah, blah, these same people will turn around and scream about how important it is for player “x” to practice.

My stance is this, the only thing that matters in the NFL is your regular season and post season record whether you like it or not.

Style points, big wins, moral victories, and individual standouts are nice for a fan base, but the league as a whole and history doesn’t remember teams for those things.

So, when Corey Davis didn’t practice in a meaningless scrimmage on a wet field, I was really surprised to see that people cared at all. Why on earth do we think that it matters?

There is a better than 50% chance that last night we would have seen Corey Davis trying to make big plays against good defensive backs with Ryan Tannehill or Logan Woodside throwing to him.

What would any of that possibly have shown us that two years in the NFL and weeks of preseason training camp hasn’t?

The answer is nothing, just like I think there is very little reason for him to play in the first preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

People will lose their mind if he doesn’t play, but why? You know how many catches Corey Davis had in Week 1 of the preseason last year? Zero.

You know who led the team in receptions that game? It was a tie between Deontay Burnett and Akrum Wadley, two players who didn’t even make the team.

Marcus Mariota only passed three times in that game as well, so even if you argue that you want him to play if Mariota does, are you really willing to risk a 1% increase in injury to see him run three routes?

Stop worrying over this. If he is 100% and is healthy, great for Corey Davis. If not, then you really shouldn’t care and you should instead watch the players who step in for him like Tajae Sharpe and Taywan Taylor.