Tennessee Titans extend All-Pro safety Kevin Byard

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 19: Kevin Byard
NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 19: Kevin Byard /

Tennessee Titans fans get some great news on a terrible day.

According to Adam Schefter the Tennessee Titans have announced a new deal with All-Pro safety Kevin Byard.

In the NFL great players demand big contracts which is why no one should be surprised that the Titans gave Kevin Byard a massive contract.

While this tweet calls the new deal an “agreement” other tweets call the deal an extension meaning that Byard is likely under contract until 2025.

I thought that the Tennessee Titans would tear up his old deal and give him a new deal to add the 6th year (see below) and maybe they did tear up that old deal.

If they did tear up the old deal then Byard is now the highest paid safety in the NFL in average per year, 4th in GTD money per year and 2nd in total money.

However, if they didn’t then this makes the deal for Byard closer to 6 year/$72 million which would be an insanely good deal for the Titans.

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I am curious to see what the fine print details are, but on a day where Titans fans had their heart’s broken by the Taylor Lewan news Jon Robinson and company come up big to leave a much happier memory for July 24th.

Going forward the Titans will have arguably the best safety in the NFL on their roster as a leader on the field and off. What isn’t arguable is the fact that no one has more interceptions over the last two seasons than Kevin Byard and he has done that against teams who really don’t have to pass as much because there are fewer blowouts in Tennessee.

Don’t worry about the numbers right now, just be excited about the commitment and having a truly elite player on the roster. In a few years this is what the average safety will make so when that day comes fans can be excited about what a steal he is.