Tennessee Titans ideal trade target from the Oakland Raiders

Who should the Tennessee Titans try to add from the Oakland Raiders?

Rounding out the AFC West, which player from the Oakland Raiders will most intrigue the Tennessee Titans?

The problem with the Raiders roster is that there too many guys that they are depending on to play a big role in 2019 and not a lot of tradeable depth behind those guys.

I looked at Rodney Hudson but due to his strange contract and the lack of offensive linemen to replace him, I don’t really know how that would work.

Next I looked for past draft prospect who would fit with the Titans, but who aren’t panning out with the Raiders. Gareon Conley was someone I really liked coming out of college and the Raiders did draft another CB in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

However, he played too well and it looks like the Raiders are excited to have him now.

P.J. Hill and Maurice Hurst are too young and played too well to get replaced even though the Raiders are deep enough at defensive tackle to try to move one of them for a pick.

There are some running backs kicking around that make some sense, but I just don’t think anyone from that group would be someone that could earn the starting job in 2020 which is a big criteria for a trade at that position.

We know Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson is going to trade for someone before the season starts, he always does. So, based off what I know about what he likes, I think the best bet would be Karl Joseph, former 1st round safety.

The Raiders seem motivated to move him after years of speculation and they finally drafted a suitable replacement in Johnathan Abram from Mississippi State.

With a cheap price tag and both parties looking to move on, the Titans could get an absolute thumper at safety with the range and athleticism to prevent him from being predictable or a liability in coverage.

At worst, Joseph could make the game day roster as a hammer on special teams and replace Brynden Trawick now that he is no longer with the team.

The reason why you would trade for a guy like that, is that last year the Titans suffered three injuries to starters in the secondary that could have prevented the team from making the playoffs in 2018.

The first was Johnathan Cyprien who missed the entire season. After that the Titans lost Kenny Vaccaro for three games in which the Titans went 0-3 with two games lost by one point each.

Finally the Tennessee Titans lost Logan Ryan late in the year to a broken leg.

With all the versatility in the defensive backfield, it looks like the Titans could sustain a loss or two, but if the Titans added Joseph then some different ideas open up.

Maybe you call a team in desperate need for a cornerback and ask them how they feel about Tye Smith or LeShaun Sims. Or you can call another and see what they thought about Dane Cruikshank before the draft.

The only way this deal works on paper is if there is another team that wants one of those three defensive backs from the Titans, otherwise the Raiders really don’t have anything the Titans would be interested in.

But, if you can get a 5th for one of those DBs and trade a 6th to land Karl Joseph then you have to really think about that deal.