Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota on the hot seat?

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 11: Quarterback Marcus Mariota
NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 11: Quarterback Marcus Mariota /

How much pressure is Marcus Mariota under compared to other QBs around the league?

The Tennessee Titans have cultivated a winning franchise over the last few years, but now the responsibility for taking them the next step falls on the shoulders of quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Adam Schein of CBS Sports has a video (posted below) where he covers which five quarterbacks in the NFL are under the most pressure heading into the 2019 campaign.

Did Baker Mayfield make the cut as his Cleveland Browns have more hype than any team in the NFL over the last five months? Nope.

Was Andrew Luck on the list as the quarterback has already missed large chunks of his career and is turning 30 this season? Nope.

What about the Jacksonville Jaguars new quarterback Nick Foles who got a massive contract solely because the Jags have no control of that locker room and had to pay him in order to try to force other players to respect him? Still no?

Surely Jameis Winston was on the list right? I mean he barely stuck with the team after last season and has been a nightmare on and off the field. He didn’t even make the top-5?!

Well, as you have seen Marcus Mariota is on that list and is all the way up at number three overall.

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Look, I get that this is a big year for Mariota but all he has to do is continue to be the clutch player in the 4th quarter that he has been his entire career and he will get the franchise tag at the very least.

I know this is technically a contract year and every Tennessee Titans fan and Oregon Ducks fan (and every fan of genuinely nice human beings who deserve nice things) are pulling for Mariota to have an outstanding season.

However, there are QBs out there that are playing for their football lives, there is no reason to rank Mariota so high on a list like this.

In the end, you can win a lot of games with him and you win a lot of games because of him. Some guys you let walk in this league and other guys you need to develop a team around and continue to try to give them continuity and support.

Marcus Mariota is not a guy you let walk, you are a guy that you build around and every year the Titans need to be trying to optimize what he can be for the franchise.

There is no better face of a franchise off the field than Mariota and when he is healthy he shows you the glimmer of what he could be when healthy like he was in 2016. The goal of the front office is to get the 2016 version of Mariota back so we can finally stop hearing about how he is on the hot seat.