Tennessee Titans 1 move to make before start of 2019 NFL season

Is this the biggest thing left on the Tennessee Titans’ checklist?

Bleacher Report came out with an article on one move every franchise should make before the season starts, obviously this included the Tennessee Titans.

I was a little bit surprised to see that they chose signing Kevin Byard to an extension as their move for the Titans:

Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard is in the final year of his rookie contract. The Titans would be wise to get a new deal done this offseason in order to avoid a standoff with him—or, worse yet, losing him in 2020.

I should say that I wasn’t surprised that people think that the Titans should re-sign Byard, of course they do. I wrote about why it was crazy to think that price was an issue and broke down exactly what makes him the best safety in the NFL earlier this week.

My surprise was that they didn’t say anything about adding talent from the outside. Usually people have a negative perception of the talent on the Titans roster, but when the best move you could make before the season is extending a star you are in pretty good shape.

I have said more than once that I would like for them to find a way to add an impact player at DT to act as a stopgap between now and when Jeffery Simmons is healthy. So if I had to change one thing I might say adding a veteran DT would be the a bigger need.

Still, how can I argue with extending the best safety in the NFL and keeping the heart and soul of this young defense in tact?

Lastly, kudos to GM Jon Robinson who has built a team so solid that people can rarely find major holes anymore. We are a long way from watching some of the worst DB units in the NFL or praying that a late round wide receiver makes the roster and give the Titans a spark.