5 Tennessee Titans who could win comeback player of the year in 2019

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 27: Delanie Walker
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 27: Delanie Walker /
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Do we really even know what the award even means?

One of the more nebulous and intangible awards in the NFL is the “Comeback Player of the Year” award. What does it mean?

Sure, “a good player bounces back from a bad season” is the simplest answer but is that all it takes? Here is a list of the past 10 winners of AP’s CPoY award:

2009: Tom Brady (came back from ACL injury)

2010: Michael Vick (came back from…jail?)

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2011: Matthew Stafford (Pro Bowl year after two bad, injured seasons)

2012: Peyton Manning (came back from neck injury)

2013: Philip Rivers (very good season after missing the playoffs for three straight years)

2014: Rob Gronkowski (All Pro year after tearing his ACL and MCL)

2015: Eric Berry (came back a year after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and played in every game, making the All-Pro list)

2016: Jordy Nelson (came back from a torn ACL and lead the league in touchdowns)

2017: Keenan Allen (had easily the best year of his career after an ACL injury the year before)

2018: Andrew Luck (came back from shoulder injury and played well)

So, you look at that quickly and it seems like it is an award for players who have incredible seasons after a huge injury the year before, right? Well, except for Vick and Rivers who just had good seasons after people had written them off.

Also, these players really didn’t always have “comebacks” some of them just had breakout years. Stafford looked mediocre before winning the award and Keenan Allen wasn’t that great either, so having a good career before doesn’t seem like it matters.

Now that we have a rough idea of what the award stands for, who are the five Tennessee Titans players with a shot?