Tennessee Titans 2nd best option in the 2019 NFL Draft: Brian Burns

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 06: Brian Burns #99 of the Florida State Seminoles causes a fumble by N'Kosi Perry #5 of the Miami Hurricanes in the first half at Hard Rock Stadium on October 6, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 06: Brian Burns #99 of the Florida State Seminoles causes a fumble by N'Kosi Perry #5 of the Miami Hurricanes in the first half at Hard Rock Stadium on October 6, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

A player that the Tennessee Titans should try to land by nearly any means necessary.

Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson is one of the best front office leaders in the NFL.

So, when a player is “falling down draft boards” for something dumb, you have to expect that he will take advantage of it.

Drafting “complete” players is never a bad idea, but people tend to focus too much on what a player can’t do. Good GMs and good coaches find players that can do what they will ask them to do.

So when you tell me an EDGE doesn’t have top-end strength and isn’t a run stuffer, I honestly don’t care. Just like if you told me a QB wasn’t really athletic or that a slot wide receiver wasn’t a great blocker, in today’s game players with those attributes are great but I consider those things bonuses not core traits needed in 2019.

When I made this list at the beginning of the month, I never thought that the Titans would have a chance at the 2nd player on my list but the closer we get the more I think this is possible.

First, a quick reminder on what this list really is and who is eligible:

-Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen will be impossible to land barring a trade into the top-3 or 4. They can’t be included in this list.

-This is a list specifically on which of the players available make the Tennessee Titans better?

-Don’t treat this as a big board, some positions won’t be brought up because there is no one talented enough that can come in and be an instant improvement over what the Titans already have.

-While long term help is important, consider what this player does for Tennessee short term and if they will help reduce the hit of free agent departures in the future.

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Which player is the 2nd best option for the Tennessee Titans in the 1st round?

Brian Burns EDGE, Florida State

Last year, rumors of injury concerns knocked Harold Landry down draft boards.

That was a rumor that really didn’t start until the day of the draft when information was accidentally being leaked out around the NFL.

However, two EDGEs are “falling down” draft boards right now. Both Montez Sweat and Brian Burns are the victims of these rumors which seems really convenient if you need a pass rusher.

See rumors are an interesting thing this time of the year because a week ago everyone knew that this was lying season. However now that we are into it, people are less skeptical of new information and are ready to push those two down the boards.

For Sweat, it is a legitimate medical concern but it is one we have known about since March. Why is it just now popping up? After being deemed a non-issue for a month, why are we just now hearing it will hurt his stock?

Almost as curious, just a week or so ago people were enamored with Brian Burns, the Florida State pass rusher who has one of the best resumes in this draft class and the athleticism to match. Now they are concerned that he can’t play the run well enough?

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I don’t buy it, and neither should you. The fact is that he may not hold up at the point of attack extremely well vs stronger OTs but that shouldn’t be what you ask him to do. He can set the edge by rushing upfield and forcing offensive tackles to turn their hips, and by doing that he forces the run inside.

There are ways that you can use him vs the run, but that isn’t even the issue. If I told you that you could pick between a player that stops Marlon Mack, Leonard Fournette and Lamar Miller or a player that stops Andrew Luck, Deshaun Watson and Nick Foles which would you rather have?

Obviously you want the guy who can get to the passer and stop that second list of names.

I posted a threat that you should look at comparing Brian Burns to TJ Watt here. Athletically and from a production standpoint, these two are very similar. While used differently at the college level, both had the potential to be great rushers in the NFL.

TJ Watt just finished a season as one of the best pass rushers in the game, while Football Outsiders has a metric that projects Burns to be the best pass rusher in this class bar none.

The Titans need production from their EDGEs this year. With Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan ineffective last year, the Titans have a chance to have upgrades at both starting spots on the outside.

If they can get more from those positions, the Tennessee Titans could end up with a top-5 defense with the potential for even more. To win in the NFL you usually need a really good offense, but if one pick could potentially turn this defense into one of the best in the NFL then that gives you a great chance to make a postseason run as well.