Tennessee Titans fans should keep an eye on the Miami Dolphins this offseason

MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 02: Cameron Wake #91 of the Miami Dolphins up prior to the game against the Buffalo Bills at Hard Rock Stadium on December 2, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 02: Cameron Wake #91 of the Miami Dolphins up prior to the game against the Buffalo Bills at Hard Rock Stadium on December 2, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The decisions the Miami Dolphins make this offseason will have repercussions for the Tennessee Titans.

It isn’t often that someone outside of the division should be the focus of a Tennessee Titans offseason, but there is a lot of reasons why what happens with the Miami Dolphins will impact the two-toned blue.

Obviously they need a lot of the same help as the Titans, but there is more than just that. The more I looked into it there are a lot of things the Dolphins could do at different points in the offseason that could have a chain reaction that ultimately affects the Tennessee Titans.

Here are the biggest reasons I have so far.

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What happens with Ryan Tannehill

The NFL is desperate for quarterback talent and that will only become clearer over the next few months. The Miami Dolphins are in a strange position, that being that they are going to hire a new head coach and bring him onto a team that isn’t settled at quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill is going to be expensive for a guy that many aren’t convinced is the future of that organization. With the NFL becoming less and less patient, it makes sense for the new head coach to be in the market for “his guy” at quarterback if he can get him.

We will get to the prime candidate later, but no matter what it should mean the end of Ryan Tannehill’s time with the Miami Dolphins.

First and foremost, I think he would be one of the best backup QBs in the NFL given his past production. However, I think he is much more likely to get another chance at being a starter in the NFL before being relegated to that status.

If the Titans can’t get him to be the backup QB (which they almost definitely can’t) then I would be really interested in seeing where he lands. If he hits the market he is probably going to be the closest thing to a franchise QB available (including Nick Foles) so he is a name that I could see going to Jacksonville.

Anything is better than Blake Bortles at this point for the Jaguars, and if the Jags can get Tannehill then they will…still be the Jags. But, they will definitely be a harder out than they have been the last two years so keep an eye on this cut potentially hurting the Titans.

Kyler Murray watch

The 2019 NFL Draft is closer than people realize with just 86 days (12 weeks) separating us from one of the biggest events Nashville has ever seen. One of the most intriguing names likely to be called in the first round is Kyler Murray.

The Heisman winner is getting a lot of publicity right now as a potential top-15 pick with the obvious candidate being the Miami Dolphins. They need a QB and someone to spark that franchise, and public opinion is that while Murray isn’t a top QB he is exciting and has potential based off of his short college career.

Again, this could have big implications for the Titans in April. If you are Tennessee, you want to see these positions go in the top-18 of the NFL Draft: QB, OT, S, CB, TE, RB, and ILBs. If a team like the Dolphins who could definitely use some youth on the EDGE and DL, passes on that for a QB it just means that a better prospect falls down the board.

Draft day trade

For a long time, the rumor was that the Dolphins were in love with Oregon QB Justin Herbert. So much so that several high level front office members went to see him practice frequently this year.

When the news came out that he was going back to school, a bad QB class got significantly worse. If there is a run on QBs (Haskins, Jones, Lock, Murray) before the Dolphins pick at 13, could they look to make a move down to collect future assets?

With the draft in Nashville, I wonder if there is slightly more pressure for the Titans to make a splashy move to make this event a little more memorable? I don’t think Robinson would mortgage the future to make the event more fun, but if they offered a Day 2 pick in 2020 to make a move up for someone like Ed Oliver it would definitely make this team better and make a splash.

If the Dolphins really are in love with Herbert then they will need all the ammunition they can get to land him next year.

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DeVante Parker watch

One of the most interesting WRs this offseason is DeVante Parker. Did the coaching staff not like him for some reason? Was he hurt this season or was that a lie told by the team to keep him off the field? How much potential does he have?

All of these questions led him to be a prime trade target at the deadline last year, but with no move made those issues were swept under the rug. Since he is likely going to be cut this offseason, he could be a cheaper option for the Titans at WR if they wanted to find another big body for the outside.

Cameron Wake decision

There aren’t many older pass rushers I would advocate spending for in free agency, but Cam Wake is one of those guys. Despite only playing half the snaps on defense this year, Wake ended up with 6 sacks. If you look at PFF, he was the 4th most effective pass rusher in the entire league based on a per snap basis.

I would say that there is nearly 0% chance that the Titans are going to bring back Derrick Morgan this offseason and that would put them in need of an EDGE that can effectively play the run opposite Harold Landry. Now, Sharif Finch and whoever the Titans draft are going to get the first crack at this spot, but Wake seems like a great stop gap in that role.