Putting Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson’s career in context

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 31: Safety Kevin Byard
NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 31: Safety Kevin Byard /

Tennessee Titans fans, time for another Jon Robinson appreciation post.

So, it has been a little bit but why don’t we talk about Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson.

The last time everyone was talking about the Titans GM, the fan base was mad that Jon Robinson didn’t trade for a WR at the trade deadline. I’m not excluding myself either, I have a ton of confidence in Robinson, but I just wished he would have pushed the envelope a little more to land a WR.

Fast forward to now and the Tennessee Titans are in a playoff game in Week 17 trying to fight for a bid for the postseason.

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That was a huge turn around from where the team was during the bye week, but no on seems to be praising Robinson for not overpaying for a WR when the team has looked pretty solid as they have gone on their league leading 4-game winning streak.

He deserves a ton of praise for this, but let’s not be slaves to the moment. For all those who are ready to throw Robinson under the bus every time something goes wrong, why don’t we look at how he compares to every other Tennessee Titans GM from the past?

That would be fair right? He took over a team at the very bottom (with the 1st overall pick) so it isn’t like he had an easy start. On top of that, he has also had to deal with a weird incumbent HC situation and had to hire an entirely new staff.

Robinson has dealt with about as bad of a situation as any GM in the history of the franchise. So let’s look at what he has done. Instead of dissecting individual selections and the talent of those players we can take an easy macro look.

The best way to do that is just to look at the wins he has had. How many wins does he average per year since taking over?

Tennessee Titans average wins by GMs since moving to Nashville:

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-Floyd Reese (GM 1994-2006): 8.15 wins per year

-Mike Reinfeldt (GM 2007-2011): 9.2 wins per year

-Ruston Webster (GM 2012-2015) 4.25 wins per year

-Jon Robinson (GM 2016-now) 9.3 wins with a win on Sunday, 9.0 wins per year with a loss

That is pretty remarkable. Robinson is on pace to be the most successful GM in Titans franchise history and had to do it on the heels of a GM that did very little to set him up for success.

Say what you want, but Robinson has built this team quickly and they have been competing since his first year as a GM. The Tennessee Titans are lucky to have him and it is yet another reason to be excited about the game this weekend.