Tennessee Titans re-sign FB Jalston Fowler


Tennessee Titans add a fullback to the roster.

In a week where everyone is making noise about potential receivers being available for trade, it makes sense that the Tennessee Titans would swerve us and bring back fullback Jalston Fowler.

It will seem strange to some, but I actually don’t hate the move for a few reasons.

The first reason is that I think Fowler can play some running back for you and doesn’t have to be strictly a fullback. What I mean by that is even if you come out in a two back set, you can motion Dion Lewis out to wide receiver and have Fowler and Marcus Mariota in the backfield without losing anything.

If you are going to run a read option play, you don’t need an RB that is going to try to cut and shimmy his way forward. What you need is a RB that is going to run straight up the middle and take advantage of the EDGE playing up field instead of playing his run responsibilities.

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Another reason is because Fowler is a really solid blocker and special teams player. I have seen more from Fowler over his career than from someone like Mycole Pruitt, and that isn’t a knock on Pruitt I just think that Fowler gives you more options.

The last reason I like this move (and maybe the biggest reason) is because I am hoping this means that Jonnu Smith’s role will be heavily reduced in this offense, let me explain.

Right now, the Titans use Smith as a starter as an in line tight end. This is a terrible idea because he doesn’t block well enough and he isn’t even beating the matchups that he is getting from lining up there.

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However, the move tight end (who operates as a sometimes fullback/sometimes tight end) is Luke Stocker. He has to be that position because if it was Smith instead of Stocker lining up at FB, he would just get blown up in the backfield on run plays.

Now the Titans can use Stocker as the in line TE and as the true TE1 in terms of snaps and usage in this offense. The change being that now you can have Fowler in as the “move TE”.

It isn’t hard to teach a FB how to block on the line of scrimmage for the few plays he might be used there, and at FB he is going to add a real element as an actual run blocker. On top of that, I think you can do creative things with him like counters, misdirection, read option, screens, etc. that improve his value.

Maybe the Titans spend the bye week evaluating who needed to be benched and how they could improve their team only to find that one way they could really help is by adding a power runner and a good blocker.

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This move would solve both of those issues, but time will tell if that is what they were thinking. Hopefully this is a supplemental move that allows them to be better on offense, but they know that bigger moves need to be made either immediately or as soon as the season is over.