Tennessee Titans price guide to New York Giants fire sale

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 22: Sterling Shepard #87 of the New York Giants pulls in this reception against Robert Alford #23 of the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on October 22, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 22: Sterling Shepard #87 of the New York Giants pulls in this reception against Robert Alford #23 of the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on October 22, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

What the Tennessee Titans could/should pay for each good New York Giants player.

This is the time. If the Tennessee Titans are going to trade for a player it needs to happen in the next 24 hours.

With rumors floating around and the market already in full swing, the Titans are going to make a move this would be the perfect time to do it given the extra practices they have during this bye week.

It would be an easy way to integrate the new guys without having to devote entire chunks of practice to them during a game week, truly simple.

I think we all know that the New York Giants are having a fire sale. They have already traded Eli Apple and Damon Harrison (I type this as a tear rolls down my face) so what do they have left?

Well, instead of doing 10 articles on this or just narrowing it down to one guy, I thought I would make a guide.

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I am going to break down the targets by round (sort of like you would see in a supplemental draft) and note the guys in each tier that I would target with a brief explanation.

Some players feel a need and others are just great players that any team should be trying to poach. There are going to be players on this list lower than you think, but given salaries and the desperation of the Giants (seriously, they just traded the best NT in football for a 5th round pick) the cost is cheaper for other teams.

Before we start, I think the only safe players on that roster are Saquon Barkey and Eli Manning (he has a no trade clause).

Multiple 1st round picks: Odell Beckham Jr. WR

There is no way the Giants should even be entertaining offers for Beckham. He has been one of the most productive receivers in history (first one to 5,000 yards) and he is a dynamic talent that is one of the only things keeping NYG relevant.

However, you can sense tension there with the owner publicly telling OBJ to tone it down and with frustrations mounting. Could he be available?

Forget cost, forget theoretical value of picks, forget what happens on the sideline. Beckham is seemingly well liked in the locker room and on the field he is one of the two best receivers in football and the only reason it is that close is because I respect what Antonio Brown has done in the recent past.

For the next 5 years the best receiver in football will be Beckham baring anything devastating.

I know that everyone will crow about how the Titans already invested in receiver, but is there any world where getting the best receiver in football is a bad thing? Even if it slightly stunts the growth of Corey Davis (who I believe would be just fine).

If there is a chance at this, the Titans should be the first in line.

1st round pick: None

2nd round pick: Landon Collins, Safety

Collins is not only a great safety in his own right, but he is the perfect compliment to Kevin Byard.

While Collins has plenty of range, he also has the ability to come down and really be a huge contributor in the run game. He is a star and he is only 24 years old, imagine having the two best safeties in the NFL for the next 5 years?

This team has some good pieces on defense, and while it sounds like they will be tying a lot of money up in DBs, does it matter? Who are they missing out on, because we know this team is very unlikely to go out and pay $20 million per year on a defensive player this offseason.

Are they really hurting themselves long or short term with this move given that the cap rises $10 million every year anyway? Look at how many teams are lined with stars and still have cap room, don’t worry about that instead worry about making this team good now.

3rd round pick: Sterling Shepard, WR

This is it Tennessee Titans fan, this is your ideal WR target. Let’s check the boxes:

-A 3rd round pick is big, but this team has been bad picking in that round anyway and it is where things really start to get spotty in the draft.

-Shepard is cheap costing less than $2 million next year. An early extension could save even more money for the Titans long term.

-He isn’t necessarily dynamic, but he is effective and he has initial quickness that no one on the Titans has consistently.

-You get another sure handed receiver who is used to lining up all over the field.


4th round pick: None

5th round pick: None

7th round pick: Oliver Vernon, EDGE

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*Disclaimer*: This is only contingent on the Giants eating some of his cap hit and/or Vernon signing a new deal to lower the cap long term or else forget it.

Is Vernon a true blue-chip EDGE? No, I think that time has past and maybe he never was that guy.

What I believe he is, is a strong counter punch if you have a good EDGE opposite him. The Titans need someone opposite Harold Landry for the future and Vernon gives them a competent option who has 47 sacks in the last 5 years.

If he is healthy then he, Jurrell Casey and Landry would be a really fun unit to watch against the suspect lines in the AFC South.

Player swap: Janoris Jenkins for Malcolm Butler

Two struggling CBs who need new teams.

dark. Next. More on the Tennessee Titans

So that is it, those are the 5 players on the New York Giants roster that I would like to see the Tennessee Titans maybe sniff around. Along with that is a price and how I got to that conclusion, if you disagree let me know.